Top 10 Best Bike Engine Oil Brands with Price in India 2017

For a smooth bike riding always needs proper maintenance of its engine. Oil is essential for a bike engine as it serves many ways such as improving engine life, cleaning engine components, improving performance and protecting a bike. In the Indian market, as the bikes production and selling increase, the famous brands also start introducing best quality lubricants for bike engine oils. Below is the list of top 10 engine oil brands which are serving their lubricants from many years.

10. GS Caltex

Gs Caltex Bike Engine Oil

The South Korean brand was incorporated in India in 2010. GS Caltex India Pvt. Ltd. is the brand of high quality finished lubricants. The Kixx Ultra is a range of motorbike engine oils from the brand. Kixx Ultra 4T XP, Kixx Ultra 4T Gold and Kixx Ultra 4T Power are the products which the brand manufactures. The seal protection formula gives excellent exhilaration of riding. Moreover the products provide premium performance and Shear Stable. The oils are designed especially for 4 stroke motorcycles.

Best Price : 685/-

9. Veedol

Veedol Bike Engine Oil

Veedol is a brand name of Tide Water Oil India Ltd. Co. A reputed brand produces a wide range of 2 wheelers engine oils, such as Veedol Super Swift, Veedol Take-off 4T Premium, Veedol Take-off 4T Plus, Veedol Take-off 2T, and Veedol Front Fork Oil. The oils give outstanding performance and improved fuel economy. The products also provide excellent damping and load carrying capacity.

Best Price: 575/-

8. Gulf

Gulf Bike Engine Oil

Being a part of Hinduja Group, Gulf is the popular brand across the world. The brand is serving quality products of lubricants in the country. A range of Pride series in bike engine oils provide fuel economy, dependable clutch performance, cleansing, long life, and sustained power. The oils are produced for the latest bikes with Japanese technology.

Best Price: 125/-

7. ELF

ELF Bike Engine Oil

ELF is a best known brand for its expertise, passion, and premium quality. A brand produces the bike engine oils with cutting edge technology, innovation and research. It offers several variants in engine oils such as Moto4Tech, Moto4Maxi Tech, Moto4 Gold, Moto4 PRO, and Moto4 Champ. The oils provide improved fuel economy and high power.

Best Price: 515/-

6. Mobil

Mobil Bike Engine Oil

Mobil offers specifically engineered engine oils for motorcycles to give a 100% protection to them. A globally popular brand Mobil introduced in 1925, since then, it is becoming a reputed brand of engine oils. A range of motorcycle engine oils are available for 2 Stroke Bike and 4 Stroke Bike, optimized for the requirements of engine.

Best Price: 850/-

5. Servo

Servo Bike Engine Oil

Servo Lubricants and Greases is a brand from Indian Oil Co. A high performance engine oil, Servo comes in a range of various types of bike engines. Servo Supreme, Servo Brake, Servo Zoom, Servo 4T/2T, and Servo Gear are the best selling engine oils from the brand. The engine oils are designed to offer maximum protection and it provide smooth and enjoyable ride.

Best Price: 145/-

4. Valvoline

Valvoline Bike Engine Oil

Valvoline offers highest quality motor oils, lubricants and cleaners in the market since 150 years. The engine oils provide protection, fuel economy and horsepower, cleanliness and other benefits. The oils has different types like full synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional.

Best Price: 515/-

3. Castrol

Castrol Bike Engine Oil

Castrol is among the world’s leading manufacturers, distributors and marketers of premium lubricants for motorbikes. A brand has to offer three variants in engine oils which include Castrol Power1 gives superior acceleration; Castrol Activ gives continuous protection to bikes and Castrol GO! For a trouble free ride. The oils are available for 2-Stroke Motorcycle and 4-Stroke Motorcycle.

Best Price: 290/-

2. Motul

Motul Bike Engine Oil

Motul has introduced its products in 2003 in the country. The brand offers a wide products range in motorbike engine oil. It produces the oils with the best qualities such as 100% synthetic, latest Ester Technology, and minerals. The engine oils are available for 2-Stroke, 4-Stroke and 2T engines.

Best Price: 650/-

1. Shell

Shell Bike Engine Oil

Since 20th century, Shell has been number one global lubricant supplier. Enjoy every ride with Shell Advanced Engine Oils, which offers the best formulations of every bike. Shell Lubricants of bikes come with innovative PurePlus Technology and Active Cleansing Technology.  The brand offers a range of products for different types of bikes.

Best Price: 288/-

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