Top 10 Best Selling Deodorants For Men in India 2017

India is a subtropical country and with the recent global warming issues, the climate is showing its very extremes. Temperatures reach approximately 50˚C and presenting yourself before others, and for one’s personal hygiene, it is integral that a good deodorant be used. Here are some of the best selling deodorants across the country.

10. Old Spice

old spice

One of the most earliest and famous manufacturers of fragrances for men, old spice still retains its charm and appeal that can still make women swoon at one smell of it. Popular for its out of the box advertisements, old spice is particularly famous in India for its practicality in making the fragrance last throughout the day, and its particular formulation is one that has certain antibacterial that help to keep the skin clean and fresh.

9. Wild Stone

wild stone

Owned by McNroe Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd based in Kolkata, Wild Stone is one of the most leading brands known in the market for male grooming, manufactured by an Indian manufacturer. Due to its manufacturing origin, their product formulations are specifically designed to suit the skin tone and climate of India. Moreover, apart from their fragrance line, Wild stone has their product lines in Talcs, aftershave products. Its variants include Rosemary, Spicy Fresh, Woody, Musky, Lavender, etc.

8. Nivea Deodorants and Fragrances

nivea for men

Famous for its beauty line products for the Ladies, Nivea has launched a line of fragrances for men as well and their products are regarded as effective with a style statement. Their extreme utility makes it one of the top choices of consumption since it allows for the skin to remain cool, dry, odour free throughout the day. Apart from the basic fragrance line, Nivea has an extensive line for shower gel, shaving foam and after shave products for their male consumers.

7. Garnier

garnier deo

Famous for its other beauty product lines, fragrances also adds to the list quite extensively as it assures quality with coping up with the extreme climatic conditions with long lasting effect. There are many variants that are sold under its name which are namely, Extreme Cool, Absolute Dry, Invisible Deo Spray, Anti Sweat Absolute Dry, Anti Sweat Extreme.

6. Reebok

reebok deo

Yet another sport giant apparel company on the list, the product lines offered by Reebok give value for their money. They are long lasting and giving one a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling throughout the day. There are many variants available in India.

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