Top 10 Best Selling Deodorants For Men in India 2017

5. Adidas

adidas deo

Similar to that of other competing sport giant apparels, Adidas too has an intriguing line of deodorants and fragrances. Its formulations are specifically designed to handle the extreme heat conditions to reduce sweat and odour. The various fragrance flavours are Get Ready, Sport Field, Victory League, Team Force, Intensive, Pure Game.

4. Nike


Marketed by the sports apparel giant, since their products are specifically designed to cope up with extreme conditions, all their products including their fragrances offer a guarantee to cope up sweat and odour produced throughout the day. Its variations or the different flavours that are offered by this brand are Magnetic Blue, Wood Blast, On Fire, Cool, Paranoia.

3. Play boy Fragrances

Play boy Fragrances

Although new to Indian market, the brand shows plenty of promise with its charm and exciting new flavours. There are currently only three variants that are available in India, namely, New York, Miami, Ibiza. The brand, however, has been extensively marketed in other countries; therefore do not be surprised to see other variants.

2. Park Avenue

Park-Avenue's deo

Park Avenue comes under the belt of Raymond, one of the leading clothing brands of India, and like its clothing counterpart, Park Avenue is one of the most famous fragrance lines in India. Offering a wide range of different flavors such as Good Morning, Alive, IQ Open your mind, Beyond the Horizon, Delive into Nature, Terra, Cool Blue, Tranquil Freshness, Alpha, Storm, Combo of the Three Men, the deodorants are specifically designed to suit the topographic location of having hot summers.

1. AXE

axe deodorant

Marketed by Uniliver, Axe is one of the most popular fragrances found in India, with its product line offering a large variety. Although not advertised by any celebrity, its appeal is quite strong, evidence that its quality speaks for the product itself. In fact the product is tested on real women as a part of its quality control tests. The various flavours/ fragrances that the product is offered are Chocolate, Pulse, Dimension, Summer, Provoke and Apollo. Originally manufactured by France, the brand is now popular in sixty different countries.

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