Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in India 2017

Fertilizer manufacturing industries supply one or more organic or inorganic substances which are required for the plant growth. Since India is an Agricultural Land, a Fertilizer company is very important for the country’s development and economy. The major aim of these companies is to increase the production of crops, plants of Agricultural lands by providing best organic and inorganic raw materials for its growth.

The success of the food production in India is possible mainly because of the successful running of the Fertilizer industries. Thus, there are more than 57 large and 64 medium sized fertilizer companies in India.

Best Fertilizer Companies in India

So, let us check few of the important Fertilizer companies in India.

1. Coromandel International Limited

This is the second largest phosphate fertilizer player company which was awarded as one of the Top 20 Best Companies in India by the Business Today Newspaper and was also selected as one of the Greenest companies of India by TERI. This company was established in the year 1961.

CIL manufactures varieties of products for the crop development such as fertilizers, specialty nutrients, protection solutions for the crops such as fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and so on. It has become one of the leading companies by supplying around 3.2 million tons in the Fertilizer market.

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2. Gujarat State Fertilizer and Chemical Limited

This is an Integrated Management system certified company (Established in the year 1967) and it is one of the top most fertilizer producing companies in an economical way. GSFC plays an important role in the food production of the country by providing best crop nutrition solutions through environment-friendly materials.

This company is valued for its special creations such as climate-based smart farming products and services and environmental-friendly products for the development of the agriculture.

The other services offered by this company are Producing Bio-fertilizers and Bio-technology products for the agricultural development, helps in Tissue cultural facilities to support horticulture and also tries to help farmers through its liquid Bio-fertilizers, high-tech agricultural products, Plant growth promoters and seeds from GSFC Agrotech Limited for Research and Development.

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3. Chambal Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited

This is one of the leading fertilizer manufacturing companies established in the year 1985 by its founder Dr.K.K.Birla. This company has two large hi-tech Nitrogenous (Urea) Plants located at the State of Rajasthan and it is leading fertilizer supplier in the same state having a very vast network of dealers.

This company produces urea, DAP (Di-Ammonium Phosphate), SSP (Single Super Phosphate), MOP (Murate of Potash), seeds and pesticides. This company has become one of the leading suppliers in North India under the brand name “Utham”.

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4. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Private Limited

This is one of the top most fertilizer companies in India which produces fertilizers such as Microla, Biola, Suphala, Sujala and many other industrial products for the manufacture of dyes, solvent, leather, pharmaceuticals, etc.,

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All these fertilizers can be used under different climatic conditions and soil types. This is a public sector company which was incorporated in the year 1978.

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5. The Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Limited

This is a Government fertilizer manufacturing company which was established in the year 1943 and it was the first Fertilizer Company which established large fertilizer plants in India. FACT services are manufacturing and marketing fertilizers, petrochemicals and other products such as Ammonium sulphate, caprolactam and Factamfos.

The other services offered by the company are engineering consultancy and Agricultural equipment fabrication.

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6. Deepak Fertilizers and Petrochemical Corporation Limited

This company is ranked among fortune 500 companies and it was established in the year 1979. This company is a leading Ammonia manufacturer and produces other products such as fertilizers, industrial chemicals and other agricultural products.

DFPCL is in the leading position for the last three decades and has become a renowned industry which produces multi-products such as customized solutions for the farmers, petrochemicals, etc.,

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7. National Fertilizer Limited

This is also a very famous Fertilizer company in India which sells its product under the brand name of “KISAN”. The products manufactured and sold by this company are urea, neem, coated urea, bio-fertilizers and other industrial products such as sodium nitrate, nitric acid, ammonium nitrate along with the insecticides, pesticides and so on.

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This is a Mini-Ratna(Category-1) company which was established in the year 1976.

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8. Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers company limited

This company was started in the year 1982 and has become one of the largest Ammonia Urea producers in India. GFNC manufactures and markets the products such as Ammonia, Urea, Ammonium Nitro phosphate, Calcium Ammonium Nitrate under the brand name “NARMADA”. This company is famous for its best quality fertilizers which are analyzed several times at its quality control lab at its plant located at Bharuch.

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9. Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited

This company was promoted in the year 1967 with its head quarters in Goa by a pioneering industrialist named Dr.K.K.Birla. This company produces high quality fertilizers, specialty fertilizers, seeds, pesticides and farm nutrients.

There are four separate plants for the manufacturing facility and they are called as Ammonia, Urea, NPK A, and NPK B. The products are marketed and supplied under the brand name of “JAI KISAN”.

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10. Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilizers

This is an ISO 14001 certified company which was established in the year 1974. It is part of UB group and produces various products such as fertilizers, Diammonium Phosphate, Muriate of Phosphate, Single Super Phosphate and also produces plant nutrition products such as insecticides, fungicides and pesticides. This is the largest manufacturer of Fertilizer in the state of Karnataka with a yearly turnover of Rs.3000 Crores per year.

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