Top 10 Best Ideas For 10 Month Baby Food in India

Has your baby started to take his first step? Is he entering into his 11th month now? Then this article is for you. By now, most of the babies would have learned to chew and crave food items and he will be able to pick the food himself and crave it with his hands. So beautiful isn’t it?

Now the real thing is, your baby needs extra care and extra food during this time. It is the time to introduce him to most of the different types of tastes. Some spices, some kinds of sour foods,, paneer, egg are the new kinds of foods to be introduced to his taste buds.

Now, let us check few of those foods that can be given to 10 month baby in addition to the Breast milk or formula milk. Anyways, consult with your pediatrician before trying these foods.

10 Month Baby Food

10. Sambar Rice (Less spicy)

Rice is already a rich ingredient of carbohydrate, fat and protein. Along with this, sambhar does magic in nutrition since it is high in protein. Cut the vegetables in small pieces. Now, take one cup of toor dal, fry it in pan and then add little water, turmeric powder, hing, salt, single tomato and small pieces of vegetables to it. You can also add tamarind water to enhance the taste but not much. Boil it until toor dal and vegetables get completely cooked. Now you can add this to the rice and mash it well before you feed the baby.

9. Mini Vegetable Uttapam

Uttapam is an authentic south Indian food that is consumed all over India. Mini Vegetable uttapam is a yummy dish that can make your baby so excited. Now, take a cup full of dosa batter, add boiled vegetables like carrot, beans, cabbage, beet root to it (Cut into small pieces). Now spread it like mini uttapams in the dosa pan. You can also add milk while feeding this mini uttapam for your baby.

8. Milk Rusk

Milk rusk is an apt and nutritious food to help baby in chewing and crunching his food. Choose best milk rusk from bakeries and break it into two halves. Now give it to your baby and check him that he will start to crunch the edges of the rusk immediately. Keep an eye on him that he never swallows it.

7. Water Melon Cubes

This is an excellent hydrating and tasty food for the baby. Cut the water melon into small pieces. Deseed the black seeds of water melon. Now feed small chunks of water melon to make his taste bud live and active.

6. Boiled Carrots Sticks

Carrots which are rich in beta carotene, Vitamin A , anti-oxidants and fibre are excellent supplements for the growing baby. When carrots are given regularly for him, he might not face any vision problems, bone problems throughout his life. Cut the carrots in to lengthy sticks. Now boil the carrots in the steamer and ensure that it is completely cooked. You can provide these carrot sticks for your babies to enjoy their meal.

5. Tomato Soup

This is an extremely yummy diet for babies. Tomatoes are the excellent source of Vitamin C, K, A, fibre, copper, manganese and potassium. You cannot find any single south Indian dish without tomatoes. Cut the tomatoes into slices and deseed it. Now, boil the tomatoes in pressure cooker along with water, salt, hing and turmeric powder. Now you can filter the tomatoes and feed the soup for your baby.

4. Small Tofu Chunks

Tofu is a food which is made from soy milk and is rich in protein and calcium. It is an excellent food for the growing children to build up his muscles and bones. Cut the tofu into small chunks so that it is easily digestible for your baby. You can also add little milk, sugar to it and grind it to make a great Tofu recipe.

3. Apple Milk Shake

Introduce milkshakes right from the age of 10th month. Apples which are rich in anti-oxidants and fibers are an excellent nutritious food. Peel off the skin of apple, and take the pulp out. Now, grate the apple pulp, sugar and milk together to get a rich smooth apple milkshake. He is definitely going to like this taste and will ask for more.

2. Corn Soup

Corn is rich in Vitamin B6, niacin, phosphorous, dietary fiber and so on. Boil the sweet corn and remove the corn kernels. Now, you can add water to this, little salt, turmeric powder to get corn soup. Please refer doctor before you give this food since some baby may face small kinds of allergies after consuming corn.

1. Milk Chapathi

Chapathi is a dedicated food for north Indians without which their day won’t pass by. Cut the wheat chapathi into small pieces and soak it in milk for 15 minutes. Now, smash it using the spoon. Add sugar for taste. Now this makes a yummy and delicious meal for your baby.

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