Top 10 Best Lesser Known Weekend Getaways near Chennai

Is it not amazing to discover a new place around your city during a lazy weekend? Perhaps it is the best option for a person who is strongly grabbed the desire of wander lush. In order to help you to find out a peaceful and tranquil destination for short day out, a list of top ten lesser known getaways near Chennai are compiled below.

10. Muthupet Mangroves

Muthupet Mangroves

Muthupet mangrove is an awesome destination displaying the wide versatility of nature. The inland sea is 8 km ahead and can be reached only by boat. Boat riding is most attractive feature of this place using which you can avail the breathtaking fun of viewing meeting point of backwater with sea. Photography would become ideal in this site. It is situated 348 km far from Chennai.

9. Tranquebar


Tranquebar is not among the popular destinations in Chennai, but definitely a wonderful place to have a look once. You are allowed to make a trip to Ozone Rich beach very near to this spot and few historical forts that are spread over the destination. It is located 284 km away from Chennai.

8. Talakona Waterfalls

Talakona Waterfalls

Talkakana cascade can become your most idiosyncratic destination in weekend, which is situated 58 km far from Tirupati. It is located inside the deep forest with plentiful greenery. This is an dazzling destination offering tranquil peace and calm. During a visit to this spot, you can avail the glimpse of wildlife animals such as mouse deer, slender loris, squirrel, panther, chital, golden gecko, sambar and many more. Furthermore, you are capable to procure the journey of boating, trekking, jungle safari and so on. The distance between this place and Chennai is 190 km.

7. Chandragiri


Chandragiri is placed over the lap of natural landscape. The lush green view of this site is enough to amaze anybody. It is ideal place for having a calm weekend trip with friends or family. It holds the significance of empirical India and stands with real structures of forts. In addition light and sound show is available here along with boat ride in nearby lake. The distance of this destination from Chennai is 150 km.

6. Pulicat


Pulicat Lake is the paradise of migrated birds and suitable place to visit during weekend for a short tranquillity and peace. Totally sixteen islands are scattered in this site, which is perfect for camping. You can do Ferry travelling, bird watching and image filming. This lake is full of flamingos that can astonish you with their innocent play. This place is 60 km far from Chennai.

5. Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Pichavaram Mangrove Forest

Pichavaram forest is full with mind blowing scenic gifts. This island can be spotted with chirping of various birds and crabs in water. In addition, it is one of the best places for photography integrating additional benefits for those who have the craze of photography along with travelling. It is just 235 km apart from the city of Chennai and you must have a visit to this place to discover the natural beauty with unending joy and pleasure.

4. Alamparai Fort

Alamparai Fort

Alamparai Fort is perched in Kadapakkam Village, which is 50 km ahead of Mahabalipuram. It is situated beside the ECR road and 100 km away from Chennai. It is a calm and cool place along with the view of old ruined fort. Backwater of the ocean starts from this place offering you the amenity to take a ride in fishing boats. It is out of the commercialism and has been one of the suitable unspoilt getaways near Chennai.

3. Gingee Fort

Gingee Fort

Most of forts near Chennai are well popular among the travellers, while the Gingee Fort is offering you the tranquillity and peace that every trip lovers are waiting for. It is the evidence of an old equipped civilization that add the charm of quick visit during weekends. So many ruined temples, collapsed forts, granaries and other signs of grandeur past are inviting you to have a glimpse. The distance between Gingee Fort and Chennai is 160 km.

2. Horsley Hills

Horsley Hills

Horsley hills are not so far from the city and are one of the most beautiful offbeat stations for Chennai. You will have a pleasant journey here with all accommodation for trekking, climbing or else net climbing. Apart from this, this mountain range is an appropriate destination to enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset from the top. As much you travel the height of this hill, temperature difference is notable. It is 278 km apart from the city.

1. Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls

Ubbalamadugu Falls or Tada Falls

This is an astonishing destination out of the reach of travel commercialism yet. You are welcome to join the journey here along with a local guide not to lose the path during the walk beside the stream. It is a lonely place and suitable for peaceful journey far away from city life. Trekking can become most adventurous attraction of this point. Another point of interest of this place is waterfalls and lush green beauty. It is 90 km away from Chennai.


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