Top 10 Best Men’s Watches Under a Price of 2000 Rs. In India

Accessories according to a man are all accumulated around a watch, which accompanies a man in all his precious events. Therefore, this accessory must be brought thinking over the selection again-and-again so that you do not have to regret in the future.

Hence, keeping in the mind the taste, budget and style, here we have compiled a top-10 lit having some best picks from the known brands in India within Rs. 2000/-. So, have a look.

10. Sonata 1141YM22 Men Watch

Sonata 1141YM22 Men Watch

What else a man loves than his watch, therefore, Sonata has this 1141YM22 Analog watch to love and flaunt. This watch is nicely priced at Rs. 1000/- with key features as beautiful eye-catching design, round dial, golden strap and deployment clasp. Also, as anytime a man can forget the watch while playing with water, no matter with kids or loved ones, this watch comes as a water resistant one. So, get this watch with one year’s warranty and stones studded dial and have it for you.

9. Casio Youth Analog Fashion Line-up MTF-113L1AA4DF

Casio Youth Analog Fashion Line-up MTF-113L1AA4DF

Casio is always on wish list of men, when it comes to watches. Therefore, the one on the list is Casio product with perfect accessories for the perfect times of your life. This watch has Quartz movement, 2 years manufacturer warranty, square shaped dial, leather straps and has beautiful gift box as packing. So, get this best within Rs. 2000/- and gift your beloved husband, if it is special occasion coming.

8. Giordano 60056BK DTM Analog watch

Giordano 60056BK DTM Analog watch

This watch with key features like the brand new design, round dial, metal bezel, and leather straps is another affordable deal in Rs. 1399/-. It goes well with both formal and informal clothes, giving an edge to a man’s styling. In functioning too, it excels likewise the others having dual time dial, two crowns to adjust the time and one year’s manufacturer warranty.

7. Fastrack NG3099SL01C Sports Analog watch

Fastrack NG3099SL01C Sports Analog watch

I remember my brother asking me a gift of Fastrack watch when I gifted him this one. Well, he was on cloud nine with exuberant features of watch like the killer design, the smarty look, the leather straps, and the metal blaze; and I was on cloud nine as I could afford it within Rs. 2000/-. The other key features are- it is water resistant and comes with one year’s of manufacturer warranty.

6. Casio A343 Enticer Analog watch

Casio A343 Enticer Analog watch

As the name it has Enticer, the features indeed are enticing with blue dial, round dial, and silver straps. The best of it is that this comes in metallic body redeeming the traditional yet stylish look. You can bring this sophistication in within Rs. 2000/- with Quartz crustal technology and water resistance 50m deep in the sea level.

5. Sonata 77027PP01J Superfibre Ocean III

Sonata 77027PP01J Superfibre Ocean III

This Superfibre watch though comes handy for both the men and women, but it is quite likely the men’s choice. And the reason because it is well-designed with Chronographic functions, beautiful and catchy display. But this is not enough as the watch is both Digital and Analog, and is water resistant. So, dive deep in the water wearing this beautiful made by Sonata, and still I would be working. It is well-priced at Rs. 2,299/-.

4. Timex TI000U90000 Fashion

Timex TI000U90000 Fashion

Timex has always been about Watch! Watch! Watch! In fact, it is the thing; Timex is the brand name for, including the Timex TI000U90000 Fashion with features like Stainless steel casing, round dial, and sturdy look that can kill women in seconds. Its leather straps just uplifts the hands and make a perfect combination whether worn with casuals or formals. This watch is water resistant too within a price of Rs. 1500/- onwards.

3. Fastrack 3039SM01 Basics

Fastrack 3039SM01 Basics

Fastrack is again on list within top-3 ranking having Fastrack 3039SM01 Basics watch as the contender, which has outperformed the others with a price of Rs. 1795/-. Well, this watch from the Fastrack is a duo accessory, where it is a watch and looks like a bracelet as well. So, accessorizing for party and office is easy now. It has features like Steel case, silver straps, fold-over clasp, round dial and classy silver metal strap. Also, this comes as water resistant too no matter whether you jump for deep diving or play in the rain.

2. Timex MF13 Expedition

Timex MF13 Expedition

On the number two, we have Timex, the evergreen watch manufacture and this time we have Timex MF13 Expedition. This product for the Timex is well featured with Analog-Digital functioning, Chronographic functioning, round dial, brown straps and four push buttons. MF13 Expedition also endorses the mineral glass and water resistance with a price of Rs. 2000/- onwards.

1. Fastrack 9463AL07 Explorer

Fastrack 9463AL07 Explorer

I know you are again amazed with the Fastrack taking over the first position too, but what to do, the brand has made it with ultra-elegant features like round dial complementing the dark blue leather straps, elongated second hand needle, value-added for the money you invest which is Rs. 2000/-. If you are an explorer kind of personality, then buy this, you would love wearing this.

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