Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Company in India 2017

India is the second largest nation of application developer community in the world. It is the fastest growing centre, where 50K+ app development companies exist with honed skill and high expertise. With brief portfolio and large clientele, all existing companies throw tough competition. According to the market reputation, client list, project versatility, review ratings, and cost effectiveness, the top ten companies are stacked below.

Mobile App Development Company in India

10. Robosoft Technologies

Robosoft technologies is one of the largest names in mobile app developing field. It has completed the project of 1400+ apps to the platform of enterprise mobility, consumer mobility, entertainment and games. They have uplifted several awards for their excellent digital products. It has produced numerous familiar apps and has tied up with many renowned brands such as National Geographic, NDTV, Vodafone, Disney, Sony, Times of India, YRF and many more.

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9. Riktam Technologies

Riktam technologies was established in the year of 2007 and it is counted as one of the familiar and trusty companies in India for Web and application development. Since their inception, they have consecutively executed more than 150 projects, which include the web and app implement for iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, and Android.

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8. Cygnet Infotech Pvt Ltd

Cygnet Infotech Pvt Ltd has been established with the objective to offer excellent consulting services along with application and software development. This company is one of the foremost companies in the sphere of IT sector in India. It is dependable technology solution, which offers content management of enterprises, software design and implement, application development, reliable consulting service and few more.

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7. Contus

Contus is treated as the strongest contender in app developing market in India. It is one of the trustworthy solutions of cloud, mobility and web development. It has powerful presence in more than 40 countries worldwide since their inception in 2008. The head office of this company in India is located in Chennai and they pack with 120+ expert professional in this sector.

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6. Affle AppStudioz

Affle AppStudioz is one of the renowned app development firms in India. It is specialized in the sector of mobility and customized design for user experience. The company uses Agile Scrum technique for developing apps. They expertise many personalized software to numerous departments such as media, technology, finance, enterprise, healthcare, retail, entertainment and many more. It has wide network of clients in more than 50 countries and has served 1400+ applications till today.

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5. QBurst

QBurst is one of the reliable names in Indian market for mobile app development. It has rolled out its wings over the country and developed their prospective services in UK and USA. Apart from providing classy android application, the company provides many excellent Web development services. They are engaged in providing from decade, the cost effective services, customized applications, and enterprise products for many companies irrespective of their size.

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4. TechAhead

TechAhead is considered as one of the well-equipped and recognized leaders for app development in India. The company has been established in the year of 2009. They are nurturing excellent engineers for developing apps for iPhone, iPad, iOS, and android, Cross Platform, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. Their project also includes Web development using open source technologies, Java, or Net.

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3. Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolution is one of the leading players in the domain of app development companies in India. It has grabbed the crown of relevant award many times that have been awarded by many reputed organizations for their superb service. The company provides a compiled service in distinct segments, which includes graphic design, customer research, strategic consulting, e-business app implementation and development and many more.

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2. Sourcebits

Sourcebit is counted among the top-notch app development companies in India. The respective team houses 200 permanent employees along with award winning visual designers and UI/UX, skilled engineers, market experts, and acquisition advisor. Since their inception, they have delivered over 500 projects, which include 30 or top chart apps. They launch various apps in numerous categories such as games, finance, retail, consumer marketing, social media, education, sports, enterprise and many more.

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1. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is one of the renowned firms in the sphere of app development. This company is working in India as well as in United States. It is a well-versed company, which is certified by ISO 9001:2008. Their work portfolio includes the services of app development for iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Web. The company works with best professionals, artists, designers, technical experts, software developers and provides cutting-edge apps to the clients worldwide.

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