Top 10 Best Scooty to Buy Under a Price of Rs. 80000 in India 2017

Scooties have always been a great economical mode of conveyance. Besides being budgetary than a car or a bike, it gives a sense of independence and freedom to the rider as well. If you are looking to buy a scooty within 80000 INR, we can provide you details on some great options.

Here is a list of the top 10 scooties in India within a budget of 80000 INR.

10. Hero Dare


This scooter is powered by a 124.6cc air-cooled 4-Stroke engine, which gives a smooth yet thrilling ride to the rider. The Hero Dare is priced in the Indian market at 55,000 INR.

9. TVS RockZ


This scooter presents with amazing features like an Anti-Theft Locking system and also an MP3 player and an FM Radio. It is powered by a125 cc engine. It has a glowing ignition slot to aid at night. It provides for optimum safety and comfort. TVS RockZ 125 is priced at 65,000 INR.

8. Hero MotoCorp RNT

Hero MotoCorp RNT

The Hero RNT Diesel 150cc is built with an extremely practical design and is a handsome looking one. It has removable secondary LED headlights and is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and a150cc Turbo Diesel 4-stroke engine. Front and rear brakes make the scooter quite a safe ride. The market price of the scooty is 80,000 INR.

7. Honda PCX 

Honda PCX

The Honda PCX 125 is built with a 4-stroke 2-valve engine, where automatic gear transmission is well-coupled with the engine. The Honda PCX 125 has a Tubular steel body and a bone chassis with twin suspension for an extremely smooth ride. The Indian market price of the scooty is 70,000 INR.

6. Vespa S

Vespa S

Vespa S from the Indian manufacturer Piaggio is a sporty and trendy modification of the Vespa VX/Vespa S. It is present with the special 1970s-styled square headlights and redesigned instrument cluster. Additionally, it has 5-spoke alloys, a cutback mudguard, analogue speedometer, a digital clock, stylish taillights, fuel gauge, and more comfortable seats. It is powered by a 4-Stroke 125cc engine. It is priced at 75,454 INR.

5. Hero MotoCorp Dash

Hero MotoCorp Dash

Hero Dash from Hero Motocorp is suited for both young men and women. This 110cc scooter is powered by a 4-stroke engine. The engine can be self-started or kick-started. It has an integrated braking system and the drum brakes in the front and rear ensure a safe ride. The current price of the Hero Dash is 56,000 INR.

4. Bajaj Blade

Bajaj Blade

Focusing mainly on young ladies, this scooter was built in a manner to make riding hassle-free. Both kickstart and electric start are possible with this model. With 12-inch alloy wheels and digital instrument panels, the Bajaj Blade 125 has got just the look any beautiful young woman would like to showcase. It is equipped with a 125cc 4-valve four-stroke engine and a CVT automatic transmission gearbox. Along with this, the disc brakes provide additional safety. The market price of this scooter is 43,500INR.

3. TVS Qube


The TVS Qube is a hot launch by TVS and is the first scooter in India with hybrid drive. It has a 100cc combustion engine and is powered by the electric motor and lithium-ion battery. Two ride mode options are available i.e. ‘Hybrid Power Mode’ and ‘Hybrid Economy Mode’. The economy mode offers higher fuel economy while the power mode offers quicker acceleration when required. The start-stop system, regenerative braking, less carbon dioxide emission allow for comfort and safety. The scooty is priced at 70000-80000 INR

2. Hero Leap Hybrid

Hero Leap Hybrid

This electric serial scooter guarantees an enjoyable ride as it is powered by lithium-ion batteries and an 8kW electric traction motor. The scooter also is packed with a range extender onboard generator with a 124cc engine, providing a good mileage. While Brembo 2-piston 240 mm disc brakes in the scooty ensure a safe ride, the Hero Leap Hybrid is priced at 80000 INR.

1. Piaggio Fly 125


This 125cc scooter is a revolution in the two-wheeler industry. Well within the budget, the Piaggio Fly 125 has 4 Stroke Single Cylinder engines providing power to the vehicle while riding. The Automatic Twist gears allow for a smooth journey. The scooty is listed for 55000 INR into the market.

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