Top 10 Best Scooty to Buy Under a Price of Rs. 60000 in India 2017

Combining style and performance, these scooters and scooties are definitely worth your money. Whether a stud or a dudette, these options are a style statement, along with being budgeted.

Here is a list of the top 10 best selling scooties that prove to be a convenient a mode of conveyance.

10. Yamaha Alpha

Yamaha Alpha

The hit launch Yamaha Alpha scooter is powered by an air-cooled 4-stroke 113 cc engine. The engine is mated with CVT or Continuous Variable Transmission, and it provides fuel efficiency up to 62 km/l approximately. It is priced at Rs 54,000 according to the Indian market price.

9. Suzuki Access

Suzuki Access

The Suzuki Access is a 125 cc scooter functioning with the aid of a single-cylinder engine. This engine is capable of generating 8.5 BHP of power with a torque of 9.8 Nm. The continuous transmission box provides great fuel efficiency and maxing a top speed of up to 91km/hr is quite easily possible with this vehicle. The Suzuki Access costs about Rs 53,000.

8. Yamaha Ray-Z

Yamaha Ray Z

The Yamaha Ray-Z is powered by a 113 cc engine and it produces a power of 7BHP with a torque of 8 Nm. The vehicle lends a sporty look and the price of it is Rs 54,000.

7. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino

The Yamaha Fascino is a 113 cc scooter that generates 7 BHP power at 7,500 rpm and a torque of 8 kgm at 5,000 rpm maximum. Scoring a little lesser than the others do in the race, the mileage offered by the scooty is a decent 46 kmpl. The vehicle also has a 5-liter fuel tank. The Yamaha Fascino is priced at Rs 57,000 approximately.

6. Hero Maestro Edge

Hero Maestro Edge

Bearing the same design and architecture as the Hero maestro, the Hero Meastro Edge shares the same specifications as well. However, what makes it different from its twin contender is the mileage of 65 km/l it offers on a highway road. The scooter is powered by a 110 cc engine that works out 8 PS of power. The price of the Hero Maestro Edge is Rs 51,000 approximately.

5. Hero Motocorp Maestro

Hero Motocorp Maestro

With an engine that has a displacement of 109 cc, the Hero Maestro is a scooter that generates a power of 8 BHP clocked at 7,500 rpm. The scooter offers a 60 km/l mileage. This typical boy joy ride is built with gearless technology that makes it all the more fun and easy. This technology adds convenience to the ride. Hero Maestro is priced at Rs 51,000 in the Indian market.

4. Honda Activa 3G

Honda Activa 3G

Backed by a 109.20 cc engine that generating a power of 8 BHP at 7,500 rpm, the Honda Activa 3G has a fuel efficiency of 60 km/l on a highway road and approximates 50 km/l while riding through the city. Its fuel tank has storage capacity 5 liters. The scooty is priced at Rs 54,000.

3. Suzuki Swish 125 Facelift

Suzuki Swish 125 Facelift

The Suzuki Swish 125 Facelift has a 124 cc single-cylinder engine that is naturally air-cooled. Its engine produces a power of 8.7 BHP and a torque of 9.8 Nm. Also, CVT transmission is coupled with the engine. The Suzuki Swift Facelift has front telescopic suspension and also consists of conventional alloy wheels. The price of this scooter is Rs 55,000.

2. Honda Aviator Disc 109CC

Honda Aviator Disc 109CC

Powered by the same engine that runs the Honda Dio and Honda Activa, Aviator is another hot and sizzling scooter from Honda. The displacement it offers is 109 cc. It is priced at approximately Rs 54,000 in the Indian market.

1. Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125

Honda Activa 125 presents itself with a powerful 124 cc engine capable of generating a power of 9 BHP clocked at 6,500 rpm. The scooter has puncture resistant tires that are tubeless. The fuel tank has a capacity of 5 liters. The market price of the Honda Activa 125 is Rs 59,000.

The best range of two-wheelers within Rs 60,000 is jotted down for your reference and if you are looking seriously to invest in one, you can go through the compiled list and decide on which scooty or scooter suits you the best. And though, these are priced slightly higher than the others in competition, they totally prove and justify their worth, offering good and desirable mileage. Needless to say, all your rides on these scooters will be joyrides henceforth.

List of 10 Best Scooty Under 60,000 in India 2016

S.No Bike Model Name Under a Price Engine
1 Honda Activa 59,000 125cc
2 Honda Aviator Disc 54,000 109cc
3 Suzuki Swish 55,000 125cc
4 Honda Activa 3G 54,000 109.2cc
5 Hero Motocorp Maestro 51,000 109cc
6 Hero Maestro Edge 51,000 110cc
7 Yamaha Fascino 57,000 113cc
8 Yamaha Ray-Z 54,000 113cc
9 Suzuki Access 53,000 125cc
10  Yamaha Alpha 54,000 113cc

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