Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India 2017

Watches are one of the first and some of the most valued possessions that one can ever own in one’s lifetime. Apart from its basic utility, watches have served in the modern day and age to tell apart from the sophisticated from the common layman. It is a style statement and an icon for one’s status in the society. Watches have therefore become an integral part of daily lifestyle and it’s imperative to own a good watch.

Let us have a look at some of the top brand watches in India 2017.

10. Maxima Watch

maxima watch

Known for their affordable price line, this brand has been popular amongst the common man of India for affording style with ease. Moreover, these watches have been popular for gifting purposes; especially their couple watches that offer the same designed watched for the lady and the man.

9. Citizen Watch

citizen watch

Founded in 1918, and headquartered in Nishitokyo, Tokyo, Japan. They are regarded as the world’s largest manufacturers of watches and they offer various product lines suited for different classes of the society. Being Japanese in origin, each of their product lines has the precision and quality promised. One of the most beloved brand watches of India, Citizen was a prime choice for watches in the generations before us.

8. Timex Watch

timex watch

Famous for their digital watch product lines in India, Timex is an American company owned by the Timex Group, USA. The company is headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, United States. Very reasonably priced, all their product lines do focus on the large middle class population that offers daily wear products.

7. Casio Watch

casio watch

Yet again, a Japanese electronic manufacturer, Casio is a popular manufacturer of watches, electronic calculators, electronic musical instruments and mobile phones. But Casio is most popular in India for the manufacture of digital watches that is the most popular amongst the younger generation. Casio’s most popular product lines included Edifice series and the G-shock series that had targeted the population with people under thirty.

6. Omega Watch

omega watch

This watch brand gained its recognition when it was featured in the James Bond Series. They have a beloved and loyal customer base that has good reason to be so, since their product lines to assure quality and precision. Moreover, their unique design and technology caters to the many sections of society. Some of their most sophisticated product lines function even in zero gravity.

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