Top 10 Best Watch Brands in India 2017

5. Swatch Watch

swatch watch

Yet another Swiss manufacturer, this brand of watches has gained immense popularity amongst the younger generation of the country with their unique design and precise technology. Moreover, their reasonably priced product lines have also been responsible for their success story in the country.

4. Tag Heuer Watch

Tag Heur watch

Tag Heuer is Swiss brand that is marketed and popularly advertised by the Indian superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Most of its product lines have their theme lines based on cars and racing, such as Formula One, Aquaracer, Link, Carrera, Link, Grand Carrera and Monaco. Moreover, they do have product lines in the area of eyewear, various fashion accessories and mobile phones.

3. Sonata Watch

sonata watch

Designed for special occasions, this product line also comes under the Titan watch manufacturers that yet again targeted the youth of the country. Its product ranges covering a wide range of designs to accommodate the various market demands of the country.

2. Fast Track Watch

Fastrack watch

Originally designed and targeted towards the youth of the country, the design and technology is best suited for college-going students that want a funky sense of fashion sense with the promise of quality and precision and affordable price ranges.

1. Titan Watch


Owned by the Tata group of industries, Titan is the largest watch manufacturer in India with brands such as Fastrack, Sonata, Diva, Aqura, Raga, Insignia, Octane and many other product lines under its belt. Advertised by Mr. Aamir Khan, the brand, like its promoter, promises perfection and precision at affordable price ranges with a guaranteed style statement with every piece of product they sell.

Watches are an integral element of every one’s wardrobe, and the above brands of the watches may provide for every imaginable demand that a person may have, with the very fancy and precise technologies to the daily wear requirements. So go ahead, if you are looking for a new watch, you now have a direction or a guideline for where to look.

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