Top 10 Best Welding Electrodes Suppliers Companies in India

Welding is an important process in various industries, which accounts for a great demand of welding equipment and safety gear. As a result, the Indian market has seen the entry of a number of suppliers who are engaged in the business.

Welding Electrodes Suppliers in India

Here is a list of top 10 welding electrodes suppliers in India:

1. GEE Limited

One of the top suppliers of welding electrodes in India is GEE Limited, a company with the expertise of five decades in its name as it was founded in Thane in 1969. It also has two other plants, in Kalyan and Kolkata.

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2. Modi Hitech India Ltd

Featuring next on the list of top 10 welding electrodes suppliers in India is Modi Hitech India Ltd, a relatively newer entry in the market as it was set up in 2008. In a very short duration of time, the company has established a commendable reputation in the field of manufacture of welding supplies.

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3. American Welding Products Inc

American Welding Products Inc is a multinational company engaged in manufacture and supply of welding wires and electrodes, under the well known brand name of Ameriweld. The distribution center of the supplier is based in New Jersey.

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4. Weldwell Specialty Pvt Ltd

Weldwell Specialty Pvt Ltd is a pioneering name in the welding industry as it caters to special as well as general needs with its innovative products. It provides welding consumables, equipment and services to more than 600 clients around the country.

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5. Varun Electrodes Pvt Ltd

Next on this list is Varun Electrodes Pvt Ltd, another company with ISO 9001:2008 certification, which manufactures and supplies top grade welding equipment under the brand name of Prima. The company was started in 1991 and is based in Panipat, Haryana.

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6. Shree Kailaji Alloys Pvt Ltd

Shree Kailaji Alloys Pvt Ltd, which dates back to 1975, surges ahead as one of the leading suppliers of welding electrodes and consumables in the Indian market. In addition to focusing on the quality of products, the company also provides the best services to its clients.

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7. Sharp Electrodes Pvt Ltd

Another renowned supplier of welding electrodes is Sharp Electrodes Pvt Ltd, which fulfills the demand of domestic as well as international market. Its excellence in terms of international quality standards has earned the company an ISO 9001:2008 quality certification.

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8. Noble Electrodes Pvt Ltd

Noble Electrodes Pvt Ltd is a reputed company which was founded in 1995 and became operational in 1997. It produces world class welding equipment and machinery with the help of qualified manpower and advanced infrastructural facilities.

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9. D & H India Limited

The next name in the list of top 10 welding electrodes suppliers in India is that of D & H Limited, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, engaged in manufacture of metal arc electrodes as well as a wide range of welding wires. It caters to the demand of industrial sectors like cement, energy, steel, petrochemicals and transport.

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10. Eureka Systems and Electrodes Pvt Ltd

Eureka Systems and Electrodes Pvt Ltd is a prominent supplier of welding and cutting consumables, which excels in quality and is affordable in price. The company has a team of expert professionals to look after designing and fabrication of welding electrodes and machinery.

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All these companies have become prominent names in terms of supplies of welding consumables and equipments.

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