Top 8 Best Water Purifiers Buy Under a Price of 15000 Rs. in India 2017

Have clean and 100% pure drinking water is one of the most critical things you can do for your complete family’s health. Almost all cities in India depend on municipality tap or bore well for water, which has huge chances of dirty bacteria or virus and other particles.

Buying a good quality water purifier is the most important decisionyou make for oneself. “Remember good quality one’s aren’t cheap orsuper-looking” here list is best water purifiers under 15000 rs in india 2017.

8. HUL Pureit Marvella UV Water Purifier

HUL PureIt Marvella Water Purifier

Hindustan Unilever (HUL) Pure it provides a wide range of best range of RO + UV Water Purifiers. This model Marvella is a budget friendly product from HUL offering high-level purification capability. Moreover, it has an advanced alert system, which warns you 15 days before purifier will stop working. Also it is fully automatic which enables it to store purified water sensing the water tank is empty or about to get empty. It has 4-liter storage capacity, which is good enough for a family for 4-6.

Price: 7199 INR

7. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Nano Water Purifier

This mini version of water purifier has 4-liter capacity and has a compact design with tough body. There is an in-built voltage stabilizer with five stage reverse osmosis. There is an energy saver mode built in this purifier that makes the machine on standby mode after 10 minutes of being idle. It gives 100% clean and healthy water to drink. UV protection process kills all the germs and enhances the taste making it a good choice for consumers. Also, it has manual flush facility.

Price: 7948 INR

6. Kent Ace Water Purifier

Kent Ace Water Purifier

It is a very compact water purifier by Kent, found by Mr Mahesh Gupta. This Indian brand deals in healthcare products and consumer durables. Main aim behind the born of RO purifier systems was to provide safe clean water to kids. Kent Ace is an economic model that can easily mount on the wall, hence suitable for Indian kitchens. It has transparent cover, which makes internal technology to be visible. There is a special indicator in the storage tank to determine the water level. RO technology removes all the dissolved impurities and gives complete safe drinking water.

Price: 13000 INR

5. Livpure PEP Star RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

Livpure PEP Star RO+UV+UF Water Purifier

It has cool features that are unique and essential:

  • There are 3 indication lights: Power on, Purification process and tank full
  • It removes virus as well as kills bacteria from any source of water through its 7-stage purification process.
  • It simply converts impure unhealthy water till 1500 ppm (TDS) into healthy purified clean water.
  • Water storage capacity is up to 7 liters.
  • Lastly, it can give 12 liter per hour pure water daily.

Hence,LivPure gives an efficient and affordable water purifier for us.

Price: 12999 INR

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4. Tata Swach Electric Ultima Water Purifier

Tata Swach Electric Ultima Water Purifier

This water purifier turns even hard water of around 2000 ppm into tasty water.Tata Swach Ultima purifier has special silver safety for extra-long cartridge life. It has 7-liter zero-contamination water storage tank. When we talk about technology, it has advanced six stage purification and voltage spike guard protection. There is a very stylish tap in its front. Unique point of this purifier is single click opening and rear double iCare indication.

Price: 12,331 INR

3. Kent Wonder RO Water Purifier

Kent Wonder RO Water Purifier

It possesses transparent body with 7-liter absolute food grade detachable storage tank for easy cleaning on daily basis. Moreover, fully automatic operation with LED indicator, auto-on/off makes it technology wise- great selection, the compact design results in less occupied space. There is double Purification process RO + UF along with TDS controller system. It can give 15 liters of purified water every hour.

Price: 13999 INR

2. Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier

Kent Grand Plus Water Purifier

This is again a water purifier from Kent. It offers dual purification of RO process followed by UV process. Kent Grand Plus model is ideal for filtering water from all types of sources like storage tanks, huge water tankers, bore well or even ordinary taps. It can be mounted on wall and has an auto- start and auto- off feature enabled that constrains the water wastage. It has 8-liter water storage capacity and an incredible 15-liter water purification capability per hour. Hence, it is ideal for big size families having 10-12 members minimum.

Price: 14,658 INR

1. Aquaguard Enhance RO Plus UV Water Purifier

Aquaguard Enhance RO Plus UV Water Purifier

This product from Aquaguard also gives dual filtration of RO and UV process technology. Moreover, there is an advanced TDS regulator plus that manages the purification depending on the origin of water, resulting in 100% safe, secure, healthy and tasteful water for drinking. Purification process includes Reverse Osmosis that detects and removes any extra TDS, chemicals, and extra impurities. Water coming from this purifier is as safe as water boiled at high flame for 20 mins. Even the design is very elegant and the size is normal to fit in any small or big kitchen.

Price: 15000 INR

Buy Water Purifiers Below 15000/- INR


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