10 Adorable Nature Inspired Gifts For A Kid’s Birthday

Nature is and always will be the most significant dimension of human life. In the times of gadgets, machines and artificial intelligence, it is unfortunate to see the children getting hooked on to mobile phones and computer screens. This is the age when they should ideally be playing and blossoming in the lap of the enriching, amazing and indispensable Mother Nature. Well, here are a few smart and fun gift ideas that will sensitize, educate and excite the young generation about the outdoors. If you are looking for a sensible, meaningful and constructive birthday gift for a child, check out these options that will playfully direct them to nature and add to their knowledge as well as growth. Choose them according to their age group and see the magic happen.


binoculars for kids birthday

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One of the coolest ways to both inspire and satiate the curious child is to gift a pair of binoculars. This thoughtful gift will see them getting more and more engrossed in nature. From staring into a faraway tree and finding beautiful birds nest in there to looking through a bush to spot an animal during a wildlife safari to gazing at the stars and everything in between, this handy apparatus will get a child thrilled and inquisitive about nature.


magnifying glass for kids


Another gift that opens up the doors of the infinite nature to the child is the magnifying glass. The kids can explore the vibrant wings of a butterfly, the formation of a flower, walk of an ant and many things more by looking up and close into these wonders. It will entertain them with details and educate them about the micro-mechanisms.


kids playing on beach

The kids instinctively enjoy the ocean, beautiful beaches and the sheer idea of playing endlessly in the sand there. Add to their fondness by gifting them colorful and fun beach tools and toys like buckets, shovels, backhoes, mesh beach bags, etc. Beach days are bound to become their favorite days that they can’t get enough of.


books for kids

Birds, animals, trees, mountains, rivers, forests, oceans, space and a lot more can be brought to a child through the plethora of nature-related books. You may in fact gift them a subscription of such magazines too. A reading child is an enlightened child, as they say.


Here is the wonderful combination of creativity and nature. The kits inspire innovative thinking while bringing young minds close to their own environment. For example, the pocket-size watercolor field kits give them the opportunity to paint what they see in the outdoors. The craft kits teach them various techniques like flower pressing and other things similar. They can also learn to make their own outdoorsy objects like bird feeders, wind chimes and much more.


The easy maintenance flower, vegetable, herb or fruit plants are grown in decorative planters make for wonderful gifts for the enthusiastic little ones. Alternatively, get any other small indoor plant pots that the child can learn to nurture on his or her own. The engaging designer pots for plants work as the extra attraction!


eco friendly pencils for kids

Let the children learn sustainability and giving back to nature by using biodegradable plantable pencils. These pencils come with plant seed capsules in their tips. The kids can simply plant it upside down in the decorative planters once they go short in size rather than just throwing them away. They will soon see the plants sprouting out of their used pencils.


vest free for kids

With multiple pockets strategically placed to their disposal, the kids can stuff their exploration tools like the magnifying glass, compass, observation diary, torch, etc in their cargo vest and head out to hiking, trekking or safaris. Their expeditions will become more fun with their pockets keeping many things that they might need quite handy and organized.


garden tools for kids

A garden gives a child the liberty to immerse with nature on a routine basis without having to go far. Let them make the most out of it by presenting to them the cute yet functional gardening gears and tools.  From the seeds to harvest, shovel, trowel, hand rake, garden gloves, watering can to the gardening hat, the kids can live an outdoorsy life and discover more about the soil, flowers, leaves, insects and the art and science of gardening with these tools.


The children never run out of the excitement of receiving a DIY kit, more so when they give them the opportunity to learn about nature in an engaging way. Gift them the enlightening and hands-on nature-oriented experiences through a butterfly hatching kit, planting kit, terrarium kit, etc.

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