Top 10 Best and Popular Shoe Brands in India 2021

Footwear industry in India is vast and growing in a steep way as to meet the customer’s need. Footwear market is widely distributed in 3 segments i.e. Men’s Footwear, women’s footwear and kid’s footwear. Although half of the footwear market is serving the needs of men’s footwear needs.

The customers are ready to depend on aquality product in the wide range of shoe’s variety such as formal, sportswear, adventure, home wear, wedding wear, sportswear etc. Although there are various quality bands are serving the requirement to the customers through Indian and international quality brand which is value for money.

The selection of shoes solely revolves around few basic factors i.e.

  • Comfortability
  • Affordability
  • Aesthetical Looks
  • Long Lasting quality
  • Perfect Fit

Below are the top 10 best and popular shoe brands in India, which are meeting the customer’s demand since last so many years:


One of the most promising Indian brand which worth more than 600 Crore INR and operating in 20 countries across the globe. The production of footwear is around 1.5 million pairs in a month.

  • BATA: 

Bata India Limited has made a foundation in 1931 and subscribed for thepublic limited companyin 1973.and went public in 1973. The network of its retail chain spread all over India to serve the customer’s need.


Founded in Germany in 1949, Adidas is MNC and prominent player in footwear market. In India, Adidas can be easily the 1st choice to any customer due to its quality and design traits.

  • PUMA:

Again a German MNC, manufacturing the quality casual, sports shoes since last 6 decades. It came into theIndian market in 2005 and since then, it becomes a preferable choice among Indian customers.


A Canadian Company, Woodland is currently holding its strong position in India. Its style quotient is unbeatable and long lasting quality, attracts buyers without any other choice.


This is another popular and global US brand which is having astrong presence in India. Acquired by Adidas in 2005, it provides awide range of sports shoes and casual shoes to its customer.

  • NIKE:

This popular brand is accepted by youth with warm welcome across all the continents with humongous $10 Billion value. In 1964, it has been founded and headquarter is located in Oregon.


In 1984, it has been founded in India and went to public limited in 1995. Relaxo is persistent for its delivery of footwear around themanufacturing of 9 million pairs per month.  The whopping worth of relaxo is around INR 1000 Crore.

  • Lee Cooper:

Lee Cooper is mainly providing the casual shoes as its diversified range can fulfill the need of every customer in India.

  • AERO:

With anadvanced technology, AERO is premier brand in India due to its comfort and quality traits. AERO is providing shoes in almost all categories such as sports, casual, boots etc.

Apart from above-mentioned brands, few more are there like Bugatti, Mochi, Red Chief, Red tape, Fila and Converse which are continuously supplying the good quality shoes in their respective segments.