7 Reasons You’re Always Feeling Sleepy and Fatigued

Feeling sleepy once in a while is common. However, it depends on what the cause is and if it is solvable. Either it’s a child, teenager or an adult feeling tired it is a symptom of, not only feeling sleepy but other serious conditions. Lifestyle factors top the list that causes people to feel fatigued and sleepy among other individual issues. Most importantly this are issues that are easy to fix and to get your energy back. However, if the sleepiness and fatigue are persistent consult a sleep specialist to check any underlying issues or sleep disorders. Below are some reasons as to why you feel sleepy and fatigued always and how you can best solve the issue.

1. Type of foods you consume 

Do you experience sleepiness and symptoms such as rashes, headaches and digestive problems? This is a sign that you are sensitive to some meals. The foods that you consume can lead to making you feel fatigued and often sleepy. Some of the food intolerances that can cause this are dairy, gluten, eggs among others. Hence if you are aware that certain foods are making you feel tired. Consult a dietician who can help you eliminate the problematic foods from in your diet. This will give you more energy and help end the regular sleepiness and fatigue.

2. Living a sedentary life 

People who are inactive or have chronic fatigue syndrome in most cases have low energy and are always sleepy. Yet, most people leading this type of lifestyle say that they are too fatigued to exercise. It is a common issue with the older adults and middle-aged people who most of the time are sleepy. This limits their ability to exercise, endure and low strength. Thus, they prefer sleeping most of the time. Since exercise helps to reduce this sleepiness whether it is among healthy or sick people. Many sleep specialists advocate for minimal exercise a few minutes a day. There are many other ways to solve this issue that does not involve medication. For instance, to boost your energy and stop this sleepiness lead a more active lifestyle. Whereby, take the stairs instead of the elevator, walk instead of driving short distances.

3. Sleep deprivation 

The lack of getting enough high quality sleep leads to one getting tired and sleepy often. Sleep deprivation is quite common today. Hence most people are sleepy most of the time and look too fatigued. It is good to eliminate any common causes of these like poor beddings especially the mattress. You can buy quality ones from a mattress warehouse to ensure that your sleep is comfortable and not a cause of sleepiness. When you are sleep deprived you wake up, less energized, alert and fatigued. This makes your day slow since you are sleepy most of it. To conquer this, you require at least 7 hours of sleep to complete all the cycles to wake up rested. Napping when necessary will help boost energy and having a consistent sleep pattern as well.

4. Poor hydration

Drinking adequate water helps to keep your energy high. Hence when you are dehydrated your energy gets low and your body experiences fatigue. This continues since a lot of water is lost in your sweat, breath, and urine. The least amount of water to drink in a day is 8 glasses. However, more or less of this amount is still as effective and ensures you do not feel tired or sleepy. Try hydrating depending on your weight, age, and level of activity. Therefore, to prevent this reason that causes sleepiness maintain high hydration levels. This will not only help with sleep but thirst, dizziness, and headaches. Ensure you drink enough water to replace the lost fluid and energy as well.

5. Chronic stress 

Anyone who is stressed has low energy levels that make them feel sleepy a lot. The reason most people feel stressed is how they respond to stress. Since most of them overthink at night and suffer from insomnia causing them to look sleepy during the day for they are not sleeping. Also, the more they avoid not solving it they get chronic fatigue that causes them to feel weak and sleepy as well. There are many ways to manage stress such as doing meditation, yoga. Hence through this, you can sleep well at night to avoid the level of sleepiness during the day.

6. Shift work 

When your job consists of shift work that causes you to sleep at the wrong time. It causes you to feel sleepy at odd hours when you are working. Plus, your energy levels are affected for your circadian rhythm is disrupted. This problem of excessive sleepiness and disrupted sleep among shift workers can in most cases cause chronic fatigue. Sleeping during the day will not help with sleepiness when you wake up. Due to how the circadian rhythm is set to work according to exposure of light. It is best to sleep through the night. However, if you have to work through the night consult your specialist to give you the best solution to assist with sleepiness.

7. Inadequate protein intake 

Protein helps a lot to boost your metabolic rate than other types of foods. Hence it helps a lot to prevent sleepiness for what is consumed lowers fatigue levels. High protein-rich foods like fish, beans, and meat are important in the system. Especially to those doing heavy work or exercises. Ensure you consume a source of protein in every meal to keep your metabolism up. Therefore, you will prevent fatigue and at the same time, you will stop feeling sleepy often.

The bottom line, there are many reasons that people feel sleepy and fatigued. You must consider lifestyle issues since sleepiness and fatigue go hand in hand. Check what you eat and drink especially caffeine and other refined foods. Plus, manage your stress and have a shift in your type of lifestyle. The positive effects of this are noticeable in days as your energy levels improve and you are no longer sleepy during the day.

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