Beautiful Crepe Sarees Designs

Indian women love to wear the saree to all types of occasion be it a wedding, party, work, daily basis, or festivities. Even though the designs and patterns have changed over the years, sarees still remain unique garment even in the Western countries. A saree is unique in that it’s the only garment that is a long piece of cloth is wrapped around your waist and draped over your torso then worn with a fitting blouse and a petticoat.

Sarees are versatile and they are available in many varieties for women of all body shapes and sizes. You just need to find the one that fits you properly. Many women who are slightly large or have curvy bodies find difficulty in finding the right saree to wear.

To avoid having this problem you need to find a saree that is made with a lightweight material and one that hugs your body flawlessly. Crepe sarees are contemporary sarees that have a shiny appearance and a satiny or crimpled finish. You can wear crepe sarees to work or an occasion and still look slim and well toned. While crepe fabric has been popular in western attires, in India it’s only starting to gain popularity recently. Crepe is woven with hand twist using special techniques to give you a beautiful drape and subtle sheen.

Importance or crepe fabric

Pure crepe sarees are worn to the office by most women because of its anti-wrinkle feature. The crepe fabric for sarees is usually heavy when you hold it, however, when you drape it, its lightweight, comfortable, and feels light on your skin. The crepe chiffon sarees are the most popular contemporary ethnic wear attires that you can find at stylecaret. They have a thinner, lighter appearance and a fluid body-hugging fit.

Variety of crepe silk sarees

Georgette, cotton, polyester, and rayon can also be used with crepe fabric to create crepe sarees. Crepe sarees come in different designs and patterns that you can choose from depending on the occasion. Plain crepe sarees are preferred as office wear. When paired with the right blouse and accessories, this plain saree becomes very sensual and appealing.

You can also wear the print crepe saree to work which is a combination of Indian aesthetic with a formal, western drape giving it a unique fusion. They also have print of popular motifs like birds, flowers and fruits, and artistic imagination designs. Designer crepe sarees are fancy sarees created by high fashion designers using unique designs and finest materials to produce attires with intricate embroidery, embellishments, and unique patterns.

Here are some crepe saree designs that you can choose from.

Crepe Chiffon saree

This flowy and beautiful chocolate brown crepe chiffon saree is embellished with black thread work border which makes it the perfect saree to a party. This saree will let you flaunt your curves as if fits incredibly well. It comes with an attached black blouse.

Vipul crepe sarees

Vipul sarees are known for their incredible digital prints and unique colour combinations. Its design is a combination of powder blue and mustard with a red border. It has its own attached red blouse that matches with the border to blend in and give you a unique look.

Satin crepe sarees

This versatile contemporary saree is an eye-popping piece that you can wear to work or to a party. This crepe blue coloured satin saree has onion pink digital prints that make it stand out. You can pair it with a navy blue satin blouse and matching jewellery and accessories to give you a modern and stylish look.

Mysore crepe saree

This Mysore crepe saree looks fabulous in purple and blue has one of the best designs. You can pair this saree with a contrasting or matching blouse and gold accessories to give you a divine look. This flowing saree has colour combinations that are ideal for evening parties during the summer or as ethnic wear.

Crepe Kalamkari saree

The Kalamkari crepe saree is an exquisite piece that has one of the best designs. Its combination of maroon and cream with a contrast blue print makes it stand out. You can flaunt this chic attire to evening parties. You can pair it with a simple contrast coloured blouse.

Crepe Georgette saree

This white and pink crepe georgette saree is gorgeous with its bright pink shade of the Palla that compliments the pale white pleats. You can wear this beautiful crepe saree to an evening and cocktail party. Its special lace border will enhance the beauty of your saree and make you look like a princess.

Daily wear crepe saree

Just like the name suggests, you can wear this colourful crepe saree on a daily basis. It has a smooth texture with a lustrous sheen, it requires low maintenance, and can be machine washed without running colours. You can wear any shade of blouse with this crepe saree.

Green pure crepe Kanchipuram silk saree

The silky texture and the vibrant colour combinations make this Kanchipuram crepe saree look magnificent. This green colored saree has beautiful golden designs with the blue intricate Pallu. You can choose different styles of wearing your saree in order to change your look. You can wear this saree to ethnic functions and occasions.

Cream crepe silk saree with printed works

This coloured cream crepe saree has random pink colored designs that give the saree a lovely and attractive look. You can wear this saree for casual wear to give you a refreshing look. You will look perfect if you pair it with a pink short-sleeved blouse.

Majestic red crepe wedding saree

This crepe saree is heavily designed with intricate multi-colored works throughout the saree and it has a wider designer border. This beautiful crepe saree is perfect for your wedding collection or for special occasions.

Floral printed crepe saree

This white based crepe saree is blended with multi-coloured floral designs of yellow and orange floral portions. Wear this saree with a yellow or orange short-sleeved blouse to give you a divine look and a contrasting effect.


Crepe sarees designs are exquisite and can be worn by most body shapes.

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