Top 5 Designer Bridal Wedding Lehengas with Price

The Vasansi Jaipur brings out the latest and new collection of Designer bridal lehenga as an integral part of Indian wedding dress. The finely crafted silk piece is heavily adorned with fancy designs of a dark and bright color range. Vasansi Jaipur always offers you the best and most trending collection of Indian ethnic wear, of bridal Lehenga that once again brings the era of traditional Indian fashion with the latest trend. Make the new definition of fashion and style with exclusive lehenga choli, collection at Vasansi Jaipur outfits online websites. All the Bridal Wedding Lehengas with Price under the very strict tags provide you with very affordable and reasonable costs than anywhere for such exceptional quality and creativity.

1. Vasansi Pink Pearl Brush Lehenga Set 26,500

The Pink touch adds an extra luster to the bridal wedding lehenga in the party as Vasansi Jaipur always tries to make you distinct from everybody else. The Pink Pearl Brush lehenga as by its name, shining like a pearl glare. The border is having thick embellished segments and is distinctly carved from the rest of the dress. The most charming and silkish Indian ethnic wear. With the heavy and fine printed designs, it is ready to adorn you all this wedding season.

Make a new era of fashion with this latest bridal lehenga online. The latest and stylish bridal collection is available for all the women and girls of every age and size group. Made with organic-fabrics and are skin-friendly dye to care about your skin from the harmful chemicals. Made with lightweight are easy to wear and very comfortable. Just available at the very reasonable cost of 26500/- only for these Indian fashion outfits online.

2. Vasansi Blue Silk Pearl Brush Lehenga Set 26,500

The most charming and fashionable Blue silk pearl brush bridal wedding lehenga is presented to you by India’s top fashion brand of Vasansi Jaipur this season. This bridal collection of lehenga choli is Embellished with heavily golden printed fine designs which makes it more beautiful and attractive to be selected at single sight only. The border is made distinctively adorned with fine designs on a dazzling shiny inky bluish color.

Bridal Wedding Lehenga is perfect to have the matching pair of jewelry sets like earrings, necklaces, and bangles in your hand and get the latest and matching accessories collection with this Indian ethnic wear. Available for all ladies of every age group whether a woman or a girl in all common and rare sizes just at Vasansi bridal lehenga online stores. Crafted with organic fabrics and skin-friendly dye and are very lightweight, easy, and comfortable to wear. Just available at the exciting cost of 26500/- only for this bridal wedding lehenga outfits online.

3. Vasansi Pink Peplum Lehenga set

The Pink Peplum lehenga is a charming color combination in the complete Vasansi Jaipur bridal wedding lehenga collection. The Vasansi Jaipur is ready to adorn you with the most popular color of Pink Peplum. Heavily printed designs with interesting patterns that add the extra glare to surroundings. With the royal luxury look at the bottom, it delights you, the yellow golden elephants embedded in the Lehenga are just ready to excite you. Very decorated neck and sleeves make it distinct from other lehengas.

Must be perfectly paired up with matching jewelry like earrings, bangles, etc, and also with the huge range of accessories. The glittering borders make it shine like a pearl in the sunshine. Made in organic fabrics and skin-friendly dyes are lightweight and easy to carry. Available for all ladies of every age and size groups, whether a caring mother or a beloved daughter, everyone has a beautiful chance to wear this amazing Lehenga. Just available at the tremendous cost of 21500/- only for this bridal wedding lehenga outfits online.

4. Vasansi Pink Bandhani Printed lehenga Set

As the uniqueness of the Vasansi Jaipur, every piece is distinct in itself, Vasansi Jaipur brings out the very gorgeous collection of Pink Bandhani Printed lehenga bridal collection set. The curvy white thread patterns along with the white lotuses spread over the dress make it an amazing piece of the Indian fashion collection. With the borders are carved by the fine yellow outlines and well embellished with the flowers of multiple colors, it gets a distinct finish for the border section carved distinctly.

This Indian ethnic wear is made up of organic-fabrics and skin-friendly dyes are lightweight easy to carry. Must be coupled with matching pairs of jewelry set of earrings, bangles, necklaces, etc, as easily available for this traditional bridal wedding lehenga as a perfect example of any Indian wedding dress. Available for all ladies for every age group and size groups including women or a daughter, this season Vasansi Jaipur brings out the latest collection for all beloved sisters of it.  Just available at the very reasonable cost of 24500/- only for this exclusive bridal wedding lehenga of traditional Indian ethnic wear.

5. Vasansi Bottle Green Pearl Brush Lehenga Set

Enjoy the latest and very stylish collection of exclusive Vasansi Jaipur Bottle green Pearl Brush bridal wedding lehenga. With the latest dark green touch trend, Vasansi Jaipur brings out this traditional Indian ethnic wear having a light greenish shiny silkish background with having a touch of dark depth green color. With the outline adorned by heavy fine printed glittering designs in contrast to the dark background. This traditional bridal Lehenga is made available in organic-fabrics and skin-friendly dyes it is very lightweight and easy to carry.

With a large matching collection of accessories and jewelry, this traditional Indian wedding dress is the most trending common piece among young girls and ladies. Available for every ladies of all age and size groups, this exclusive piece could be worn by any woman or a girl on any occasion of this wedding season. Just available at the distinct and eye stunning price of 26500/- for this bridal Lehenga online.


Vasansi Jaipur as one of the top trending fashion brand on which you can trust with closed eyes. It gives you the luxury of wearing the most fantastic and very stylish collection of the latest bridal wedding lehenga as an integral part of the Indian wedding dress. With having trust over millions of beloved customers like you, It is a perfect place to explore creativity and imagination. Every Lehenga of our collection is unique in one or in other ways. The price rates are very reasonable for this fine quality of lehengas than anywhere. Stocks are available online just to ease you.