Best Platforms to Learn Stand Up Comedy Online

Life without humor can be very boring. Research has shown that laughter improves your physical health, enhances your relationships, and even kick-starts your brain to help it come up with great ideas. However, many of us often feel like we are not funny, and it is only certain people are gifted with a great sense of humor to make others laugh. Well, that’s not true.

Comedy has become a huge part of the entertainment industry today, especially stand-up comedy. Many people are using their funny streak to build a career as stand-up comedians. Now, it is very much possible to learn all about comedy from various online platforms. In fact, you can learn standup comedy from many famous celebrities as well, including the industry greats like Johnny Lever. With so many comedy acting classes online, it becomes difficult to narrow down on one.

Many of these learn comedy online classes are actually designed by accomplished comedians and professional teachers who already have a stellar reputation in the entertainment industry. The best part of learning a standup comedy course online is that you don’t need to go anywhere to learn this new skill. There are many learn standup comedy courses that help you improve your skills as a comedian – but from the comfort of your home.

Here are some of the best platforms to learn standup comedy online.

1. Udemy Online Comedy Courses

Udemy is an educational website that offers over 100 comedy lessons online. The comedy courses online by Udemy focus on different areas. Some of the courses are for a longer duration, while others skim over the major aspects of comedy. You can sign up for the ideal course based on your learning level, which varies between beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Apart from a standup comedy course online, Udemy also offers classes to learn writing content for comedy and how to direct comedy shows or films.

2. SuperProf Comedy Lessons Online

Similar to Udemy, SuperProf lets you learn standup comedy online regardless of where you live. The online comedy courses on this site take place on a webcam. The lessons are created by professionals from the entertainment industry and teachers from well-established universities.

3. Creativelive Comedy Lessons Online

Creativelive is one of the more prominent online platforms for learning standup comedy online. This website offers several comedy lessons that have been created to reach a wider audience. You can find lessons from all comedy topics, including how to make comedy videos, how to do standup comedy, how to direct a comedy movie, etc.

While there are many online platforms that offer online courses to learn standup comedy, one of the platforms that stand apart from the rest is the Standup Comedy Class from Unluclass.

Learn Stand Up Comedy from Johnny Lever

One of the greatest comedians ever, Johnny Lever brings his experience online to let you benefit and learn standup comedy straight from the biggest comedian in the Indian film industry. The course helps you understand the nitty-gritty that goes into becoming a successful comedian. You also get to learn the complete A to Z of making it as a comedian. From learning the secrets of the comedy industry to being entertained yourself as you take the class, the Learning Comedy course with Unluclass is the best way to add to your skillset.

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