How Can Aadhaar Card Help To Stop Corruption in India

Today, Aadhaar Card has been made mandatory for almost each and everything. From opening abank account to paying income tax, you need Aadhaar card for each and every important task. Since a long time, many people debated on the benefits of Aadhaar but now, they are able to see the benefits of Aadhaar card being delivered to them. One of the major benefits of Aadhaar Card is that it has reduced corruption. To understand this better, let us first look at what exactly is corruption all about?

Aadhaar Card

To begin with, corruption is basically misused of power for personal gains. These gains can be financial or non-financial as well. As per one of the reports of World Bank, Aadhaar Card is helping India in promoting inclusion, efficiency, and innovation. Now, let us look at how Aadhaar Card is helping India in eliminating corruption from the root. Here are some of the important points.

  • Leakage in Subsidy – Now, the people can only avail the subsidies on LPG by Direct Benefit Transfer and that needs Aadhaar Card to be linked to the bank and LPG Service Provider. This is one step that has proved to be really beneficial as earlier, the official used to overstate the sales and get higher funds for subsidies but now, the data can’t be manipulated.
  • Multiple PAN Card– A lot of people had multiple PAN Cards and that helped them in evading task. The government recently made it mandatory to link a PAN Card with the Aadhaar Card and that means that it would not be possible for people to hold multiple PAN Card and evade task. This will also help in eliminating corruption to a little extent
  • Monitoring Bank Accounts of Government Employees– The government also made it mandatory to submit the Aadhaar Card in Banks and this is also applicable for Government Service. With this, the government will actually be able to track the money inflow in the accounts of government servants and this would eventually help in eliminating the government employee who is involved in bribery.
  • Appointment System at All India Institute of Medical Science– Another misuse of power was seen at All India Institute of Medical Sciences. The people with connections or power used to get a lot of priority in the treatment but not the appointment system is digital and it is based on Aadhaar card. A patient needs to provide the details of Aadhaar card before he can get an appointment but this has made the process really quick.
  • Eliminating Bogus Votes– As per some of the reports, some of the politician’s holds multiple Voter ID Card and they vote for their party during elections with help of these voter ID Cards. This is a really gross form of corruption which can be seen during the elections. This also kills the democracy. In arecent notification, the government announced that they are working on EPIC and Aadhaar Card linking and this would surely prevent the misuse of Voter ID by eliminating duplicate Voter ID Cards.
  • Reducing Crime Rates and Aiding Investigation– As per one of the report, Aadhaar card is also helping in eliminating the crimes as the profile of the criminals can now be linked to the Aadhaar card and hence it becomes easy to investigate the case or to trace a person. As per the information available, the Aadhaar card is also helping in eliminating terrorist to a certain extent.
  • Reducing Black Money– It has already been mentioned that it is mandatory to link Aadhaar card with abank account and PAN Number and this has basically helped thegovernment in detecting black money. Transactions can easily be tracked now and since Aadhaar card is mapped with the income tax, it has become possible to establish a relation between transaction and income of the person.
  • Delivering the Benefits of Social Schemes– Another major area where Aadhaar is proving to be beneficial is the social schemes launched by the government. The government made it mandatory to provide Aadhaar card to avail the benefits of thesocial scheme and this has helped thegovernment in eliminating corrupt officials who used to avail funds for their benefits instead of delivering the benefits to the people.
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These were some of the ways how Aadhaar is actually killing corruption. With increased access to Aadhaar, the corruption levels will surely fall to new lows in India.