Top 10 Best 4G WIFI Dongles Data Cards in India

Previously people used to connect mobile via wire to their computer or laptop for using the internet but the entry of data card or dongles has revolutionized the whole market. People can now easily talk over the phone and still use internet with the use of dongles. One of the best things about the dongles is its size, it comes with the size of a pen drive which is pretty easy to carry anywhere you go around the world. In

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Top 5 Giants of Instant Messaging

How many times a day do you send an instant message? Our phones and laptops have almost literally become extensions of our hands. Most of us have at least a few messages waiting for a us when we wake up in the morning. Let’s face it – we’re always online! And thanks to the way technology has evolved, we can talk to anybody, anywhere, just at a tap of a touchscreen. There are lots of apps in the market that

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Top 10 Best AntiVirus for Windows 10 in India 2018

In July 2015, Microsoft released the latest version of its operating system: Windows 10.Lack of knowledge regarding the right antivirus solution brings a chaotic feeling amongst PC owners.Keeping in mind this very thought, I have weighed in over a number of parameters such as usefulness, cost, intrusiveness among others,  and come up with a list of top 10 best antivirus software. 10. F Secure AntiVirus F Secure is a fairly good third party antivirus solution equipped with the capability to

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