Check Valve – How it Works

For any piping system, valves are the major requirement to allow the proper flow and take care of pressure inside the pipes. The contents can be liquid, gas, vapour or oil. So, if you are into oil and gas industry as an engineer or are working on pipes, it is absolutely essential for you to know about the valves and the working techniques behind them. The valves are used in every step of oil and gas industry and hence you need to be better aware of these valves to use them properly at the correct place. One such valve is check valve. Eventhough it is a simple valve, it plays significant role. In order for you to understand about it, we are going to discuss about this in this article.

Check Valve:

Check valves are one of the important valves in oil and gas industry. They are also called as retention valve or one-way valve. That means any fluid inside the pipe can flow through a check valve in only one direction. It comprises of 2 ports – one act as inlet and the other as outlet. Check valves are popular and are used in industries, household use, pumps, etc., Their design is simple and they generally cost less. As the name indicates, check valves check for any reverse flow that is happening in the pipes and prevent that to happen. This is really important in the oil and gas industry where reverse flow of raw material might happen.There are different types of valves available based on your usage.


Check valves construction is important to understand how they work. They are made of a disc, cover, body and a seat. They might have additional parts if your design demands. They mainly work based on the fluid’s velocity inside the pipes that is flowing. When the flow reaches the minimum upstream pressure or cracking pressure required for flow, the check valve’s disc lifts and the fluid can pass through the valve. If at any point, this pressure decreases or if it tries to flow back the disc immediately pull off stopping the flow. This critically stops the backflow of the fluid thus ensuring oil or gas not getting their raw materials flown back. As the check valve doesn’t depend on any manual interaction, they do not require any lever or handle which the other valves use. They completely depend on the pressure and flow of the liquid.

Now you got to know the importance of check valve and its functioning. It is important that perfect valves with high quality material should be chosen for your oil and gas industry. If you select a good quality one initially, they will last for a very long time.

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