Difference Between Warts, Corns And Moles

The most common infections in skin are warts, corns and moles. But at the same time these can be cured with care and proper guidance from a doctor. These infections may seem similar in physical sense but are different in terms of their causes. Warts is a viral infection, whereas the other two are normal human body bulging or protective actions and reactions of inner antibodies.

Difference Between Warts, Corns And Moles

Still, people misunderstand and they end up taking wrong medicines which routes to side effects. The cure for each one differs, so let’s have a look at the symptoms, causes and preventive measures for these.


Warts is a skin growth disease caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). HPV is categorized into 60 different types, but not all of them leads to warts in skin. Rather they infect the skin and mucosal cells. Bovine papilloma virus is quite dangerous as compared to any other type of HPV, because it kills the cattle before the malignancy state. Nearly 15 % of humans and among them more than 10% of sexually active women suffer from warts. Based on their growth in human body warts are of many types. The HPV can grow into the human body only through breakout in skin and nails. Most common warts lead to infections in the top layer of the skin, which later grows rapidly leading to the disease of warts. The main reason for this is the exposure of skin to unhygienic places. Even children are prone to catch this disease easily.

Some preventive measures which can be used to avoid warts are stated below:

  • Do not disturb the bulging area of the skin and also try to keep the affected area dry as that helps in restricting the growth of warts.
  • Use proper footwear in public areas.
  • The best medical cure to this is Allen Anti Warts Combo (Warto Plus tablet + Dewarts) available on 1mg. You can look through 1mg coupons to avail the cure at a discounted price.
  • Medicine used should be in gel or liquid form, containing Salicylic Acid.


Corns are hard, painful areas of skin that often develop on the feet due to pressure or friction. This happens when the skin tries to save an area from pressure, injury or rubbing. This is a self treatable skin abnormality. They are more common among people who wear ill-fitting shoes and those who stand for long periods everyday. They affect women more than men. Although there is no defined treatment for this, but it can be cured easily by following the below mentioned preventive measures.

  • Dipping the affected area in warm water and rubbing it gently with a pumice stone to soften skin.
  • If you notice mild corns on your feet then changing the footwear will give good results.
  • It takes about 1-4 weeks for corns to completely get healed. But, if you don’t want to wait for that long you can opt for a minor surgery.
  • Also, homeopathy can offer a complete treatment for corns. It involves pills as medicines which do not have any side effects and gives instant relief if there is any pain or discomfort.


Moles are natural human skin growth caused by a group of colored cells. We can have any number of moles in different areas of the body. They are small dark brownish patch on skin, and some of them also fade away with time. It can be formed suddenly in adolescence by hormonal changes and at times also because of some genetic factors. We usually don’t worry about it’s presence, not because it doesn’t cause any pain or problems for us, but because many consider it as a thing of beauty. They are very small in size, but if you have an abnormal sized moles it may be a reason for concern because it can cause skin allergies, get itchy and later might develop into a cancer mole. So, it’s better to get it checked.

Early stages of these infections (specifically warts and corns) are not harmful but if they are not taken care of, they can lead to severe health issues. So, the best way to protect yourself from them is to seek proper guidance and help from doctors who specialise in these areas and take the prescribed medicines on time.The stores that could help you with first-rate medical cure to skin diseases are PharmEasy, 1mg, Medlife, NetMeds and Zoylo.

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