EWS/DG Nursery Admission 2018-19 Delhi – Online Application Form Registration Guidelines, Document, Age Limit For Admission, EWS Result Draw Date

Know Everything about EWS/DG Admission for Session 2018-19 including EWS Admisison Date, Form, Result & Guidelines

Till date, lots of struggle took place to secure a stable educational institution for the unprivileged children of the society. However, a radical change unexpectedly brought a new educational atmosphere. Today a single verdict of the directorate of Delhi eventually approved the aspiration of the disadvantaged children. According to the said words, the children can access the Private schools where near about twenty-five percent of the total seats will be reserved for this typical section. To know more about the admission, age limit, and about other documents you have to go through the below sections.

EWS Nursery Admission

Step by step instructions for filling online application:

  1. The online application forms are available to be downloaded or filled online at the nic.in website.
  2. To start the application form, you need to first register at the website that will act as the login details to your application form or further notifications.
  3. Make sure, before proceeding you read all the areas highlighted in red. Then, insert your credentials which are needed for the registration process.
  4. Also, do not forget to give an easy-to-remember username and password. You should note down the login details somewhere safe just in case you forget any.
  5. Your next area of attention should be the mobile number. All the institutes send the necessary details for admission process on the given mobile number. Therefore, make sure you only enter your own mobile number or else, you can miss something important.
  6. Just as you are done with your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your login details. Open the application form and step-by-step, with utmost attention fill every detail, carefully.
  7. Before submitting the form make sure you proofread all the details, just in case any mistake happens.

Steps you need to follow to correct the mistake in the application form:

It is a human behavior to make mistakes, and it is only normal if you have done any mistakes in your registration process. But worry not, follow the steps given below and rectify any mistake that occurred while registering you at the website.

  1. http://edustud.nic.in/mis/studentadmission/webform1.aspx this link will redirect you to the application form.
  2. You shall see several options in front you, search for deletion of registration form. Click it and wait for another page to be re-directed.
  3. http://edustud.nic.in/mis/studentadmission/deletepage.aspx this link shall take you to the delete page if you are unable to find it.
  4. Just as the page reopens, fill in your login details.
  5. You will now see your registration form and start to rectify the information that has been provided wrong. Make sure you do a thorough proofreading his time.
  6. As you enter SUBMIT, you will receive another mail notifying you of the changes you made in the registration form.

Point to remember:

  1. As you will proceed towards the end of your submission process, you will have to press a Green Colored button which says, ‘GET OTP’. This OTP will be delivered as a text message on the registered mobile number.
  2. It is important as it is, in a way, verification that whoever made the changes was the same person.
  3. Enter the OTP received on your mobile phone and then enter DELETE. This is to make sure that your previous registration form shall be removed and new one must be added to the server.

Significant documents that you need to submit for EWS and DG segments:

Every parent needs to provide some set of proofs of his residency and nationality before they are considered eligible to send their children in renowned schools. Here is a list of ID’s that are needed for the admission process:

Essential IDs

  1. Andhra Card
  2. Residential proofs
  3. Voter ID
  4. Income proof

For economically weaker sections

  1. Ration card
  2. Domicile Certificate
  3. Electricity Bill
  4. Income proof to confirm that family income per annum is less than one lakh rupees from an authorized Delhi Institution.

Apart from the above listed proofs, you need to submit your kid’s birth certificate, as well. 

  1. For DG category: They do not need to submit the Income proof, only caste-related proofs which are issued by government authorities.
  2. For physically disabled:They need to attach the medical certificate received by the hospital authorities.
  3. For transgender and Orphanage categories:They need to submit every ID proof that have been issued by their respective orphanage or government authorities.

Note: – You shall find all the details on the site of edudel.nic.in, in case of any confusion.

Age limit of the children who seek for admission:

For parents who are willing to get their children in nursery or pre-school need to keep in mind the age limit which is a must-known criteria for admission process.

  • The child should be three to four years of age on or before 31.03. 2017 if he is supposed to take admission in Nursery standard.
  • For admissions in kg or pre-primary classes, the child needs to be between four to five years of age on or before 31.03.2017.
  • The admission of children in 1st standard has criteria of age that should be between five to six years of age on or before 31.03. 2017.

Knowing about the result:

  1. The results should be available on the website (nic.in).
  2. The results are often declared on two separate dates to avoid the crashing of sites.
  3. Just as you open the website, you will see steps to follow to know the results. One must follow the same to know the results.

The message of result will come on your registered mobile number.

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