Hand Juicer vs. Electric Juicer: Which is the Best?

It would always if you must always try to have fresh and delicious juices in your home. It is now possible with the help of a quality juicer. A good quality juicer will help you to get amazing juices. You will get the flavor of natural juices now from your kitchen. You may get two types of juices in the market. One is the hand juicer, and the other one is an electric juicer. Both of these types of juicers have specific features and qualities. You can select the one as per your requirement and demand. It depends upon you.

Hand juicers:

Hand juicers are also known by the name of manual juicers. In this mode of juicer, you have to use your hand to squeeze the juice from the fruit. No need to plug the juicer to the plug point. They are easy to use, and anyone can handle them. The main drawback of a hand juicer is that you have to use your pressure and force to make the juice. The process of juice expulsion requires reasonable effort and pressure. It is believed by many that people who use hand juicers get the natural juice from the fruits. They are fresh extracts. Another part of a hand juicer is that it requires a long time to prepare a juice.

Electric juicer:

With time, electric juicers have been introduced by many companies. It has been introduced for the benefit of the ordinary people. It is with electric juicers, you can produce a huge volume of juices at a time. It also requires less time to create a juice. You have just to make pieces of fruits and put it inside the juicer. The rest of the work will be done by the juicer. This makes the process easier and hassle-free at the same time. It is found that masticating juicers are the best ones in the list because they never destroy the fruits vitamin and mineral content. Masticating juicers are also called juicers with twin gears. If you are concerned about time, it is better to depend upon the electric juicers. It does not require any special effort.

Which is the best?

This depends upon the user. It is your choice which one would you chooses. If carefully compared, it will be found that electric juicers are the best in many ways. The electric juicers are systematic and advanced in many ways. It is ideal for families where all the members are working, and they have to leave the house. If you cut the fruits and put them inside the juicer, you will get fresh and yummy juices within a few seconds. But this is impossible in a manual juicer. It will consume a lot of time and effort to make the juice. With the increasing demand for juices, electric juices are always preferred by people. It will allow you to have fresh juices at any point in time. No need to wait. Just cut the fruits, and you will get a glass of fresh juices within a second.

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