How much is the cost of a gaming chair in India?

Gaming chairs add much comfort while you’re playing sports or e-gamming. A gaming chair is even ergonomic than a regular chair or office chair. But when it comes to price range, an office chair is less expensive than a gaming chair. Undoubtedly, a chair with extra features and comfort regulates good blood flow, reduce back pain, improves bad body posture and keep you away from injuries due to long hours. If you’re looking for an ideal gaming chair, you may have a ton of options with different features and materials. However, the price ranges can vary from brand to brand. You can buy any of the best as per your preference and choice that suits your needs. Here we have prepared a list of top class gaming chairs with their price range.

List of top gaming chairs with price

In India, Gaming chairs starts from Rs. 8000 and range up to Rs. 18,000 as per their build quality, fabric and brand name. Let’s take a look:

  1. 1. Sunon Massage Gaming Chair 

With ratings of 3.8 out of 5, this gaming chair from ZHANG is a separate fan following. This chair cost is Rs. 14,599, even the high-cost for some reasons – it has stylish looks, deep bucket seat that ensures unbelievable comfort. It has a premium back cushion with a high-density shaping sponge. It also offers adjustable and movable armrests function. You can also adjust it from 126 cm to 135.5 cm as per your convenience and body size.

  1. 2. Pulse gaming Ergonomic Chair

WithRs. 16,490 of cost, this chairby pulse gaming is undoubtedly one of the most premium quality gaming chairs. With lots of key features, it can be a great value for money. As, this gaming chair features a message lumbar pillow, adjustable armrest, adjustable & removable headrest, backrest angle, etc. Furthermore, it has a heavy-duty and durable metal frame. Maybe, the cost is a bit expensive but PU leather is the one reason to grab it.

  1. INNOWIN® Jazz High Back Office Chair

This office chair is ideal for both office work and entertainment. Bharat Furniture Mfg. (India) offers INNOWIN chairs with Rs. 8,170. It is one of the most affordable and wallet-friendly products in the Indian market. In this price range, you can receive ergonomic postures with height adjustability functions. Moreover, this gaming chair offers proper back support, lumbar supports, hence no chance of back pain due to long usages.

  1. CELLBELL® C102 Gaming Chair/Office Chair

Cellbell offering a wide range of chairs in different price ranges. This gaming chair/office chair/computer/desk chair has Rs. 7,999 cost, considering as the least price. As you heard, never judge a book by its covers just like this gaming chair. There are various benefits of having this gaming chair as it has a 4-inch thick padded seat and five caster wheels, also come with a 1-year warranty.

Final Words

The mentioned list shows the different range of chairs that you can choose as per your deciding the budget. However, investing in a bit expensive product will assure better quality. Even a cheap product will provide durability. It solely depends on the user that which would they consider.

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