How To Login in IRCTC To Check Train Seat Availability and Book Tickets

The online portal of Indian Railway’s has now launched the beta version of its new IRCTC website. This beta website offers a more user-friendly User Interface that helps with the easier navigation. With the help of Next Generation e-Ticketing (NGeT) system, the process of booking and rail tickets has become straightforward and fast. This rail ticket booking system automatically plans the journey and helps in finding the tickets.

The best thing about this new portal is that now users don’t have to log-in to check the train timing, seat availability and other inquiries. To make the user experience more comfortable users can change the font size of the website. When inquiring a train, you’ll get all the necessary information like train no., train name, train timing, information about starting and ending stations, the distance between stations and the total distance can be seen on a single screen, and users don’t have to go from one page to another page.

IRCTC To Check Train Seat

If you want to Login to check the train availability and book tickets below are the seven easy steps that you can follow for the easy train booking.

1. Passengers need to go to the IRCTC either by typing on your browser or just click on the link ( You will be greeted with the new beta website of the IRTC, in case you land on the older version of the site you can simply click on the “Try new beta website” by clicking on the large red box on the top left side of the website. There you can check the train timings and the availability of the different trains without logging in. To check the available seats, first, enter your location details ‘from’ and ‘to’ railway station and then select the dates you want to travel. Other than that you can also customize your search with different filters like departure time, train, quota, etc.

2. After entering all the details and other filters click on ‘Find trains’ option and the results will provide you with a list of trains with the availability of seats that will appear on your computer screen. At this page, passengers can check the availability of the train along with the train fare. You can use this link

3. Additionally, on the new website of IRCTC, it displays the availability of CNF in substitute trains. To use this option, users have to log-in to their IRCTC account with their username and password. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. By entering the OTP, IRCTC website will show you the probability of confirmation in case you are on a waiting list. With the help of IRCTC website which is now become smarter, you will not only get the probability of your waiting ticket getting confirmed. But the site will suggest you other options in case the probability is low. For example, the Probability of your ticket getting confirmed is 40% then the website will recommend you book another train or use the Vikalp scheme. Other than this you can also check the PNR status of a passenger directly without log-in by clicking on ‘check PNR status’ or use the like directly (

4. Passengers can proceed with the train ticket booking after confirming the availability of the train and seats. To book the tickets simply click on the ‘Book now’ option. It will ask you to log-in, in case you haven’t logged-in just yet. Just enter your username and your password to log-in the website.

5. There you can see the train ticket booking forum which just a ‘passenger details forum.’ In this, you have to enter the details such as name, age, gender, seat preference and ID type of the person you are booking the ticket for. In case there are more than just one passenger you can add the passenger by merely clicking on the add button at the bottom and then by entering their details. IRCTC provides the free travel insurance that you can apply on your journey by merely selecting the option before booking the ticket. To confirm the booking of the tickets you need to enter the otp that they have sent to your registered mobile number.

6. The booking is not made yet, before making the payment you will be sent to a review page. In which you can review all the details of the passenger and their journey. In case there is any mistake you can make the changes otherwise by confirming you can go to the payment page.

7. IRCTC offers different options for train ticket payments. You can use the BHIM/ UPI/ USSD option, or there are conventional options of Debit Card, Net Banking, Bharat QR/Scan & Pay various Wallets/ Cash Card, IRCTC Prepaid, Pay on Delivery, Credit Cards, etc. are all available. After making the payment, you can check your tickets inside your IRTC profile from where you can print or download it for the journey.

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