Mastercard Credit Card –What is it? How to Apply for it?

Meaning of MasterCard: MasterCard is a global financial institution located in New York, USA. The company was established in 1966. Earlier, the company was called Master Charge, and in the year 1979, it changed its name officially into MasterCard.

MasterCard deals with the processing of payments made by credit cards issued by various banks and financial institutions. The main role of the MasterCard is to act as a payment settlement and clearinghouse for online transactions. MasterCard credit card in India is one of the widely used credit and debit cards other than VISA.

Different types of MasterCard in India

MasterCard in India can be broadly classified into

  • Standard
  • Platinum
  •  World.

Standard MasterCard credit card in India is basic and suitable for everyday transactions. Standard credit card is used by cardholders for making an online purchase, store purchases, and hotels.

The next type of MasterCard Platinum credit card is a premium card that is accepted worldwide. Platinum credit card carriers have various benefits like zero liability protection service, special travel benefits, and amazing deals on hotels, lifestyles, and shopping.

The final type of MasterCard Credit card is a World MasterCard Credit card, which, just like the previous ones, has global acceptance. The world credit card by MasterCard offers can get amazing offers on lifestyle, shopping, entertainment, and at the same time, save money and make the most of their trips.

Where is MasterCard accepted?

MasterCard credit card in India is one such card that has worldwide acceptance. The credit card is accepted across multiple payment categories; it connects customers, financial institutions, businesses, merchants, and governments over 200 countries. In India, you can find exclusive gateways for MasterCard credit cards and ATMs with its logo.

How to apply for MasterCard credit card in India?

A number of banks issue MasterCard Credit cards in India. SBI, Axis, Allahabad, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Canara Bank, Central bank of India, Syndicate bank, corporation bank, and Federal Bank are some of the financial institutions issuing MasterCard Credit cards in India.

To apply for the MasterCard credit card in India, you can visit any of the issuing banks, file, and application and procure it.

1. To apply, log in to the site and click on apply for MasterCard.

2. Later, select the type of card you want to apply and check your eligibility.

3. The eligibility of the person applying for the MasterCard can be verified by entering details as requested, such as age, address, and contact information.

4. On fulfilling the eligibility required for procuring a MasterCard credit card, an online application form will pop-up. Filling the application and clicking submit.

5. Upload all necessary documents to support your age and residence.

6. Finally, check all the entered details and click submit.

In Conclusion:

With this, we conclude our article on the MasterCard credit card in India. MasterCard credit cards are considered to be safe for different types of online transactions.