Pushpesh Kumar Baid-Biography, Age, Height, Luxury Office in Kolkata

Pushpesh Kumar Baid is a famous businessmen indulged in the manufacturing of heavy metal and steel goods in the city of Kolkata. His father Prabhu Baid is also one of the most renowned businessmen around the city.

Pushpesh Kumar Baid

Net worth:

Pushpesh kumar baid’s current Net worth is unknown.

Income Source:

Pushpesh Kumar Baid gets his most of the income from his business of Heavy metal and steel goods business. He also receives dividend and interest from his investment done in some shares and mutual funds which serves him as some extra income.

Real Name:

Pushpesh Kumar Baid is his real name.

Date of Birth:

Pushpesh Kumar Baid was born on 22nd October 1988.


Pushpesh Kumar Baid’s height stands at around 6 feet and 2 inches and his weight is approx 75 kgs

Marital Status:

Pushpesh Kumar Baid is still unmarried and only wants to focus towards expanding his business to new horizons.

Personal Background:

Pushpesh Kumar Baid was born and raised up in Kolkata only.He finished his schooling amd graduation from the City school only along with her only sibling Isha baid. While Isha went for further studies abroad Pushpesh Kumar Baid decided to stay back and take over his Dad’s business which turned out to be a great decision after he made the business grow many folds in just few years’ duration. Pushpesh Kumar Baid is an MBA in Finance from Symbiosis University Bengaluru so getting into the business field was no hard nut to crack for him. Still with his great knowledge and business skills, he brought his company to the elite list of one of the best in the country.

While Pushpesh Kumar Baid is a huge fan of cricket , Sachin tendulkar is his favorite cricket player. He usually takes time out of his busy schedule to watch cricket whenever India are playing. He also plays cricket whenever he is free in the weekends. Talking about his marriage plans,even when he keeps getting a lot of offers from Girls around ,he still don’t give it much priority citing his Business ambitions as the main reason behind it.


Pushpesh Kumar Baid always wanted to pursue his career being an Entrepreneur and that’s the reason after finishing his MBA degree in finance from Symbiosis Bengaluru, he immediately took over his dad’s business of Heavy Metal and steel goods and within a span of two years, took the company to new heights of Success.

Properties and Cars:

Maruti Suzuki swift was Pushpesh Kumar Baid’s first car and later he purchased a Volkswagen Vento.