Shield Your Eyes With Wiley X Safety Glasses

Eye injuries are frequent occurrences in workplace settings. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, around 2,000 U.S. workers suffer job-related eye injuries that require medical treatment every day. Wearing Wiley X safety glasses can be one of the best ways to reduce your exposure to eye injuries at work and in hazardous environments.

Safety Glasses Protect Against Impact

The requirements established by the American National Standards Institute for basic impact testing involve dropping a one-inch steel ball that weighs just over two ounces on frames from a height of 50 inches. Safety glasses by Wiley X meet requirements for ANSI Z87.1 high mass and high velocity eye protection.

Every style of adult Wiley X frames has passed a high mass test that involves dropping a larger and heavier steel ball onto lenses mounted on a head form from a height of 50 inches. High velocity testing strikes eyewear with a ¼-inch steel ball that travels at 102 miles per hour when testing safety glasses and 170 mph for goggles.

Wiley X Ballistic Eyewear

Ballistic eyewear is held to even higher impact resistance requirements than ANSI accounts for in its eye safety standards. Wiley X makes several styles that meet MIL-PRF-32432 ballistic safety standards and are included in the U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List.

Some of the most popular ballistic-rated Wiley X eyewear includes the PT-1 and Romer 3 glasses and the SG-1 and Spear goggles. These styles combine sleek sporty styling with the highest level of impact protection.

Wiley X Makes Eyewear for Other Hazards

ANSI standards include eye protection from other hazards such as dust, droplets and splashes. Some Wiley X frames feature foam cavity seals to keep out substances that cause eye injuries.

Titan frames by Wiley X feature a removable facial cavity seal and also have a prescription rim system for compatibility with a wider range of prescriptions. The cavity seal is also an option with styles such as the Boss, Enzo and Gravity.

Select the Right Wiley X Safety Glasses

To select the right safety glasses, you must first know the hazards to which your eyes are exposed. Any pair of Wiley X glasses or goggles can provide the level of protection associated with the ANSI Z87.1+ high mass and impact velocity standards.

This brand also makes it easy to find ballistic-rated glasses. You can also select WorkSight safety glasses with permanent or removable facial cavity seals, head straps or side shields.

When To Wear Safety Glasses

You should wear safety glasses whenever your eyes are exposed to hazards. Many workplaces require staff to wear personal protective equipment on the job. Safety glasses also prevent eye injuries during sports and other activities.

Wiley X safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1 high mass and velocity impact standards. Make sure that any frames and lenses you select are suitable for the conditions in which you work or wear eye protection. A large number of soldiers, law enforcement officers and outdoor enthusiasts count on safety glasses by Wiley X for eye protection in the field.

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