Use of Technology in Teaching and Learning

The advanced technology provides many digital tools that a teacher can use during physical or online video classes. These teaching tools are used to enhance student learning. This article will provide you with an introduction to some of the most commonly used digital tools.

Modern technology helps the teachers reach new levels using real-time student data & information, content, apps, and much more. It can help the teachers to develop a learning environment and take advantage of digital tools for formative and summative assessments.

These also help the educators to bring new models for learning and teaching to classrooms. One of the most commonly used digital tools is plagiarism, and teachers use this tool to check the duplication of the information in the submission by students.

Modern Technology Tools for Teaching & Learning:

Here we are going to mention the digital technology that students and teachers can use.

  • Plagiarism Checker by DupliChecker:

Duplichecker’s Plagiarism checker is considered one of the best free online tools that help both the students and teachers to check for plagiarism in assignment work. You can scan a document of 1000 words with its free version of this duplication checker. This online plagiarism tool allows you to upload the file and insert the URL of the website in the input box of this tool to check for plagiarism. This similarity checker also has its paid subscription as well to give advanced features for plagiarism. The PRO version of the Plagiarism checker allows you to search up to 10,000 words and generate accurate reports after a deep search.

  • Animoto:

Animoto is a web-based digital tool for educators & students. It is used to create video presentations related to the studies without using additional software. All you need is to select the picture, text, videos and audio music to videos and wait for a few moments till the tool finalized the video editing. Make sure the text you are using in the presentation is 100% unique and free from plagiarism. To check the plagiarism of the text you are going to use in your presentations, and you can use any plagiarism detector tool.

  • Nearpod:

The Nearpod is an online platform for educators & learners that give access to thousands of paid and free lessons. You can download them and customize them according to your requirement. When you are rewriting these lessons for your submission, the chances of plagiarism are always there. So, you can consider the plagiarism checker that helps you to check the plagiarism of your documents.  The teachers can interact with the students through data & real-time feedback. Nearpod VR provides 450 virtual reality field trips and adventures that can change the world into the classroom.

  • Seesaw:

Seesaw is an online, easy-to-use learning portfolio application that enables the learners to showcase and document the information they are getting from their educational institutions. When you document something, use the plagiarism checker as it helps you create unique & plagiarism-free content. The tool also makes things easier for the parents to teach their kids. The collective monitoring of the students, teachers, and parent’s learning is a great way to motivate them.

  • Google Classroom:

Google Classroom is a community-based digital tool for learning that allows the students to post a question in the mentioned field & receive the answers from their teachers & fellows. So, you can use the information you get from your teachers in your educational assignments. Try to check the authenticity of the information by searching it on various websites and use different wording to document the information to avoid the risk of plagiarism. To make things clearer, you can consider the plagiarism checker to track the content’s duplication. Teachers can also post the questions to check the student’s progress for online learning and lesson materials to review at home.

  • Adobe Spark Video:

The spark video is a small part of the Adobe spark suit, and it allows the students to create short, animated and narrated videos. The tool has a user-friendly interface so students can add images, icons, videos, and audio to their study video creations. Nowadays, teachers use videos & vlogs to engage the student’s creativity and out of the box approach to make their class projects better. It also helps the teachers to review the learning materials of the students.

Classroom Response Systems:

One of the best ways to grab the attention of the student is to use electronic devices. These technological devices allow the students to record their answers to the multiple-choice questions and allows the teacher to display the result instantly. It encourages the students’ participation, and the students’ answers help the teachers figure out when further discussion is needed.


In the modern world of technology, we can ignore the importance and its benefits. It has a great impact on students and teachers. Both can take advantage of advanced technology, whether it is for educational purposes or other. Technology in education and appropriate devices in students’ hands helps them develop the technical skills to help them in the future.