The Story of Shabnam Singh and her struggle around being a Savior to her family

The Year 2011 commenced on a perfect note for Yuvraj Singh. Not only did India win the World Cup after 28 years but he was also adjudged man of the tournament. Its just when everyone thought things are on cloud nine for him in the cricket world, there came the shocking news that he was battling lung cancer.

Shabnam Singh

In the words of his mother Shabnam Singh.” To our horror, we found a golf ball-sized lump over his left lung, I was stunned and in denial for a long time because of conflicting medical reports. I kept thinking to myself that this couldn’t be happening to my son. We were all worried. But he would keep telling us that he’s a brave boy and will come out of this”.

A single parent, Shabnam Singh divorced her husband, former cricketer Yograj Singh, when Yuvraj was still a teenager, and makes no doubts about the fact that her life revolves around her children. So when Yuvraj decided to move to the US for treatment, Shabnam went along with him being there at every single moment. Even when Yuraj left the cricket field out of cancer and when the world prayed for him,his mother was the one who inspired him to comeback with the same motivation. The mother of two has always stood for her children be it Yuvraj or Zorawar.Both of them choose their own life partners and she was the one who gave her full support during the same.

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Even now when reports are coming of her ex Daughter in law Akansha singh making fake claims towards her family for “Domestic violence”, Shabnam stay cool and calm believing in the fact that though she has always served her family and all its members with all the love and affection, “Sooner or later Truth will thrive over the Evil” and that way the world will get to know about the reality behind whatever is going around currently.