Things You Need to Know before Buying a Wireless Mouse

With the changing passage of time Technology has evolved dramatically specially in the field of Computer Science. Before the invention of mouse, keyboard is used to enter data by typing commands. Now-a-days mouse is an essential input device for computers as mouse provides smooth Graphical User Interface. Doug Engelbart is widely recognised as the inventor of mouse. Over the years the designs of mouse changed and now we have been watching growing popularity of wireless mouse. As the name suggests, it allows you to move the mouse freely, keeps your workplace free of cords, easy to travel with. However there are few points to note before buying the best wireless mouse which suits your needs.You can get the best wireless mouse at lowest mouse in India with this few points. There are many manufactures of wireless mouse like Dell, i-ball, HP, Logitech etc. The factors you should look before buying wireless mouse are-

Wireless Mouse

1. Wireless range– Wireless mouse connects your computer via Radio Frequencies, Infrared (IR) or Bluetooth. The purpose of choosing a wireless mouse is that you don’t need to sit in front of your system all the time. Therefore check the range of the wireless mouse, the more the range more is the distance from which you can operate. Some wireless mouse can operate from a distance of 30 feet and even through the walls.

2. Comfort-Comfort is more essential when we use computer for long hours. The right choice of mouse can really make a big difference to productivity and workflow. Therefore choose the ergonomic designed mouse they maximise comfort by creating more natural grip and hand and arm position thus saving you from any kind of strain injuries.

3. Design– Wireless Mouse comes with different designs look at some of the design and go for the one which attracts you most.Ergonomic mouse have different designs like

  • The Fingertip Grip- In this type of mousse, the hand forms an arch over the mouse with only the fingertips providing touch points with your mouse. This style is often adopted by users making lots of short rapid movements.
  • The palm grip- It helps to rest your palm easily over the mouse. This type of mouse provides support for the hand, free movement and therefore agility can be hindered by the posture that this can a user to adopt.
  • The claw grip-This style is often adopted by user making fast gliding movements that require high levels of precision.

4. Longevity of battery-How many days the battery of the wireless mouse can power the mouse.Most wireless mouse have AA or AAA batteries. These batteries have a lifetime between six months to over one year after that you have to replace the battery. You might opt for rechargeable battery which you typically need to recharge once a week. However the shortcoming of choosing for rechargeable battery is shorter battery life.

5. Size– Find your requirement whether you need a small mouse which fits perfectly on your hand or a large one. You will find many wireless mouse online in India of different lengths.

6. Weight– The wireless mouse should not be so heavy. As it will resist your hand movement .

7. Compatibility– Wireless mouse is compatible with almost every operating system still you should the compatibility of the mouse that you are selecting. It should be compatible with all the major Operating system i.e. Windows7,Vista,8 etc.

These are the few points you should consider before buying wireless mouse. You will not face a great deal of difficulty while pursuing the best wireless mouse at lowest price Online in India. Go grab the best one !!!