Things You Can Consider as Diwali 2021 Gifts

Diwali is known as the festival of light and is famous for the firework displays that mark this occasion. There is a whole range of ideas from traditional gifts to eco-friendly options to choose.

1. Statues of gods and goddesses

statues of god and goddesses for diwali gifts

Diwali is a time for worshipping a lot of gods and goddesses. Some people seek the blessings of the generous Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, brings prosperity to her devotees.

2. Handmade candles

Handmade candles

If you want to add a personal touch to your Diwali gifts, you could buy some candle wax and fragrance oils at the store and make your own candles

3. Ethnic wear and jewellery

Ethnic wear and jewellery

There is no better occasion than a religious festival to flaunt your ethnic side. This could be a suitable time to provide friends/family with an opportunity to expand their wardrobe.

4. Solar lawn lights

Solar lawn lights


Almost all people deck up their houses during this time of the year with lamps and fairy lights. This year, you could give them a set of LED lights that are powered on solar energy.

5. Potted house plants

Potted house plants

Another way to embrace green Diwali is to make an attempt to reduce the air pollution that is caused by the burning of firecrackers during this festival. There are a number of house plants to pick from.

6. Watches and sunglasses

Watches and sunglasses

Accessories make the best gift items because they suit everyone, regardless of gender or size. Watches and sunglasses are also available in a variety of price range.

7. Homemade sweets and cakes

Homemade sweets and cakes

If you or your mother is great at creating awesome Diwali delicacies, make sure to gift some to your friends. Some all-time favorites are laddoos and barfi.

8. Gift hamper

Gift hamper

The ideal Diwali hamper will have some sweets or chocolates, a selection of dry fruits, some candles or such likes, some fragrant potpourri and a good luck charm or wish card.

9. Spiritual DVDs and CDs

Spiritual DVDs and CDs

Another great gift for your friends on this occasion is spiritual CDs or DVDs, especially if they are of the religious bend of mind. It could be devotional songs or chants and hymns or narrations of holy events.

10. Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers

If you can’t decide what to buy for your friend, go into the store you know they visit often and get them a gift voucher. Vouchers are available in a variety of price range to suit your pocket.