Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family (English/Hindi)

A joint family is in our tradition from a very long time. At older days there were big houses were a big joint family stays with children playing all around the house. The dining room of the house is another place where all important decisions are made under the influence of the leader of the family. These types of families are mostly seen on TV as right now we can’t even imagine a joint family like that anymore.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint Family

But maybe due to problems or some misunderstandings nowadays we cannot see a lot of joint families. There are some pros and some cons in every joint family. Here we are going to discuss them in detail.

Advantages of Joint Family:

1. With a joint family, one thing is for sure that all the members will get to interact with each other which helps them to know about each other a lot better so that they can have an understanding. Every individual gets a better base from it. Children become more social and are able to deal with different types of people as they are interacting with peoples of different nature in their home. Children are always loved and never neglected as there are a lot of people along with their grandparents to look after them if their parents are not present.

2. An individual’s thought process and ethics are always in good shape in the environment of a joint family. The role of grandparents is very vital as they teach the basic rule about how to treat a person. The people who grew up under the guidance of their grandparents have a very balanced mind along with a lot of virtues like sacrifice, obedience, sympathy, selflessness, and many more values like that.

3. The children who grow up in a nuclear family are less mature than the children growing in the joint families. They are always seen with a strong conscience. A great sense of affection and unity can be seen among them too.

4. You will see a lot more economical support as the head of the family is not always the person responsible for the financial support as in the nuclear family. The burden of maintaining the economy of the house is divided into a lot more people than just 1 which makes it a lot easier for all of them. At the time of crisis, we can see the member of joint families standing with each other and becoming each other’s strength.

5. The work of the house can be divided among the females by knowing their field of expertise. It can easily make the living better and surely it will be better than the work of any maid-servant. They can jointly check the work of the servants to see that everything is going in a perfect manner.

Disadvantages of Joint Family:

1. Grandparents are often seen teaching the children about the customs which are pretty old as compared to today’s modern lives and they ask the children to follow it. Following elders is good but if you are following some backdated customs it will create a lack of modernization among the children and often they will be seen thinking less practically than others. The cultural bonds will impact them so badly that they will be a lot less liberal than others and will teach their own children the same thing which is not good at all as they have to live in a modern society.

2. There is no privacy at all when you are talking about joint families and you will never have a personal life as there will be involvement of others too.

3. There will be always a case of jealousy and misunderstanding in the joint family. Some senseless arguments will exhaust you emotionally as it hurts you too if you are saying harsh words to your other family members.

4. In a family where there are a lot of members so it is no wonder that some of them may be crooked who will surely exploit other members of the house who are more innocent and even they can torture the members.

5. There are always members in a joint family who earn more than others. So they always dominate the low-income members and influence their decisions with the dominance of their money. The low earning members are often insulted. This thing comes in the education system too as the members who earn high tend to send their kids to a better school than others. But it is seldom seen that they help other members kid to study in a good school as their own kid.

Living in a joint family comes with its own set of benefits but if you do not want any interference in your life or want to take your own decisions try to be separate from a joint family but without hurting the feeling of your elders or any other person in the house.

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