Top 10 Affordable Wrist Watch Brands with Price

You don’t have to drill a large hole in your wallet to buy a timepiece to get the respect and praise from dedicated type of watch snob. There are some affordable watch models that stand out to deliver the appeal and feel that is no less than any other luxury watch models on the market. Here are top 10 affordable types of brands offer wrist watches in US.

10. Mondaine – Stop2go Swiss Railway Watches

Mondaine watches are one among the quintenssial Swiss watch brands that have offered great accuracy and legible designs at extreme level. These incredible watches from the brand Mondaine swill railway offer a unique and elite collection for everyone. You can choose the best design for your attire and few of the designs go well with almost everything.

  • Nice black background with black minute and hour indicators
  • Spiced up with some of the neat details in it
  • Swill railway models follow the same railway clock formats, that is, it measures 58 seconds for every minute and waits for the minute hand to advance and then seconds hand catches up with the minute hand.
  • Price: $650 to $690

9. Orient Watches

Orient is a Japanese watch making company offering some of the elite and impeccable design watches for everyone. They are recognized as one among the best budget optioned watch brand for a long time. It’s very easy to find some entry level watches with great designs and quality, especially for all those who want something much more mechanical. They are also the largest producer of mechanical wrist watches in the world.

  • True in house manufactured models and everything of a watch is created in-house
  • They offer the best robust movements for a mechanical wrist watch
  • Price: from $230 to $470

8. Autodromo Stradale Watches

When you start looking for drivers watch then no other brand has been successful in creating the best models yet. Every brand have tried their share of created a few models but Autodromo has been the most successful to capture the unique format of some of the iconic vehicles. They will recreate an emotional connection a person would tend to develop with their favorite automobile.

  • Best watch brand to make the attachment with a vehicle
  • Some very exclusive automotive themed wrist watches for vehicle lovers
  • Improved tachometer or speedometer type inspired models and designs to resemble the vibe of a vintage car
  • Price: $870 to $890

7. Junghans Series of Max Bill Model Watches

This series from Junghans was inspired by Max bill, a Swiss architect, sculptor, product designer, educator, painter and academic. The series started when max bill collaborated with company Junghans to create some of the elite kitchen clocks with instant enduring and classic success in the year 1956. It was followed with various changes and increasing the quality with designs.

  • Offers unique and impeccable three hands designs
  • Gents quartz models are offered with automated designs
  • Some of the most affordable watches that gives luxury watches a run for its money
  • Price: $650 to $1100

6. SevenFriday P Series Watches

IF you are looking for some of the most unusual designed watches that can be bought under $1000 then this is the brand to look for. They have entered the market just a couple of years ago and created a new segment low to mid watch models with very affordable rates.

  • Affordable priced watch that offers aesthetics and design elements for wider audience
  • Offers unique dials with lugless and large case designs
  • Comprises of Japanese special mechanical movement with no frills
  • Price: under $1000

5. Tempest Viking Diver Watches

Tempest offers some of the best diver watch models for affordable rates. The idea of its founder has been implemented in every model of the brand comprising exceptional build quality. They offer very heavy duty package to ensure each design is unique with most essential elements. It offers crystal, bezel and case look that provides the users a great feel when diving as well. Each and every component is crafted in such manner to meet the taste and needs of founder of the brand.

  • Comprises of automatic movement of Miyota 9015 type
  • Offers 2000 meters of water resistance ideal for underwater divers
  • Price: Ranges from $700 to $ 900

4. OTC Watches from Dietrich Watches

Organic time watches are the most popular types among wrist watches. The OTC watches offered by the brand Dietrich provides much better comfort with wrist watches that was ever made. The experience one would get from wearing Dietrich watches would not be like any other in the market. The brand offers a complete package of unique wearabilty and design for very affordable rates.

  • The case back design and special lug structure has been exceptionally paired with impeccable strap materials
  • Carbon case watches are available
  • Price: price ranges from $1400 to $2000

3. Victorinox Swiss Army Edition Watches

If you are looking for black edition of watches for affordable rates with most impeccable design then check out the series of Airboss mechanical wrist watches from Victorinox brand. There are three models available with black edition for very affordable rates. The models are made visually more interesting with adding few red splashes on various places of the watch and also underside crystal.

  • One of the best military themed wrist watch brands on the market
  • Airboss models comprises of all boxes delivered with trendy aesthetics, legibility, modern designs and build quality
  • Price: $900 to $1000

2. Swatch Swiss Watches

For all those wrist watch loves can find a new dimension among the mechanical watches from Swatch brand. Since its inception into the markets of wrist watches in the year 2013, they have been exceptional with meeting the needs of their users.

  • Completely assembled by robots to ensure exceptional accuracy
  • Available in few latest designs
  • Price: just around $150

1. Seiko Watches

Some of the best diver watches models for very affordable rates. Each and every model is crafted with exceptional attention to quality and design. They are recognized as “must have” among the list of seasoned watch models for beginner.

  • Comprise of unquestionable unique looks
  • Workhorse automatic movements
  • Excelled lume
  • Price: $450 to $600