Top 10 Air Testing Lab in India

The air quality test reports that you obtain from lab might have numerous sheets long and comprise both information and mechanical explanations. This information page gives details how to recognize key aspects of the reports and the link amid statistics and possible health effects.

The unit of laboratory reports with the examination of air sample will be called Analytical Results, Analytical Report, Certificate of Analysis, or something similar. Within this examination, an end result will be providing each single parameter measured.

Air Testing Lab in India

The end result reports will differ dependent on the lab for instance the instruction of the columns may be different and there might be a Chemical Abstract Service number, or CAS.

1. Bhagavathi Ana Labs Pvt. Ltd.

Bhagavathi Ana Labs Pvt. Ltd. (BHAGAVATHI) is a specialized facilities corporation giving Environmental Consultancy, Environmental Engineering, Analytical and Quality testing, Ait Testing Studies and Technical Training.

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Industrialized Hygiene deals with the valuation and regulator of physical, chemical, biological or environmental hazards in the factory or atmosphere. Physical dangers may include noise, temperature extremes, illumination extremes, ionizing or non-ionizing radiation, and ergonomics.

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3. SGS India

SGS can help to stop exposure to poisonous elements. The team operates around the world, by means of the modern methods to analyze ambient air and observe emissions. Their computer imitation mockups will help you understand the data results so you can choose on the right action plan.

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4. Quality Analyst & Labs P. Ltd.

Quality Lab offers standard packages for testing water, Air, noise, Chemicals, metals, building material and oil. The laboratory is fully equipped with modern scientific instruments for delivering accurate results.

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Air flow laboratory offers flow meter/flow product calibration & Testing/ Consultancy services to customers from a wide range of industrial sectors like automotive, aerospace, Pharmaceuticals & Health care, Gas distribution & Process industries.

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6. Shriram Institute for Industrial Research

Shriram Institute for Industrial Research is a self-governing, self-sustaining, no profit multidisciplinary contract research institute conducting research and development in the areas of special significance.

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7. Equinox Labs.

Research has showed that indoor air is 2-5 times additional polluted than outdoor air. Chemicals, mold, particle pollution and poor air circulation contribute to poor Indoor Air Quality at factory which affects your efficiency. Equinox provides solutions to improve and maintain indoor air quality.

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8. National Testing Laboratory Pvt. Ltd.

National Testing Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. is involved in submission of precise and clear testing services. They have attained a single position in the field of testing and analysis.

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9. Experior Laboratories

Acknowledged in the industry for best customer service, project management by experts and end-to-end accountability, Experior offers clients cost-effective, highly qualified services that add worth to any institute, irrespective of size, with testing, verification and qualification needs.

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Their current rules for environmental impact assessment performing best Analytical Testing and working in quality control. Vitro Labs a full service laboratory offering analytical laboratory, environmental consultancy as well as environmental impact assessment.

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