Top 10 Best 3G/4G Data Card Dongles Connection in India 2017

Are you looking for the best three 3G/4G data card dongles connection in India for the year 2016-17? Then you have come to the right place because in this article we are going to discuss the top 10 best 3G/4G Data card dongle connection along with prices in India for the year 2016-17. Please go through this article to inform yourself about the details regarding the data cards. If you are looking for the best price on offer, then this is the source of all information.

Let’s get started.

10. Tata Photon

Tata Photon is the offering from the industrialist conglomerate of Tata sons which is the highly regarded brand across the world. they have been in the Telecom industry after the liberalisation of theIndian economy in 1990. Tata Photon is famous for its speed and its reliable packages that provide to its consumers. The company is text to its effects on integrity while providing the best possible services to its customers.

Price: The price for Tata Photon data card starts from INR 1318.

9. Idea

The idea is the brand from the iconic Industrialists of India known as the Birla Group. The idea has been extremely good in its promotion strategies and has been able to attract a lot of customers towards it services. This particular brand of mobile connectivity and telecommunication services came into existence after the liberalisation of the Indian economy. Henceforth they have been pretty much in every nook and corner of India providing telecom services at affordable rates. The idea has been offering a lot of plans in its data card services.

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Price: The range of Idea data card starts from INR 3190.

8. Huawei

This particular brand of data card he is amongst the most famous data cards in the world. This particular brand focuses its strength on the quality and durability of the data card. The data card from this particular brand is famous for its signal strength and many of the other telecommunication services providers use this particular brand of data card for the delivery of their services.

Price: This particular data card can be used for INR 3200.


7. BSNL Data card

BSNL is a state-owned telecommunications company. This particular brand of telecommunications services and distributor started is functioning under the statutory guidelines of the Indian government. The BSNL has been in the forefront when it comes to serving the nation irrespective of challenges that are faced.

Price: The price for BSNL data card starts from INR 1500.

6. MTS Ultra Blaze

MTS has been in the market for a short time and in that period of time,they have really taken in this market by storm. MTS were very aggressive in the beginning of the establishment in the Indian market and continues to provide good services when it comes to data delivery.

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Price: The price for MTS Ultra Blaze data card starts from INR 1200.

5. ZTE MF70

ZTE is a new often in the Indian market that has been very impressive and its services. They have been marketing quite aggressively and have been producing great vessels in the Indian market. The device is sturdy and durable and can last long in rough usage as well. If you are looking for a budget oriented data card with great deliverability of data quality, then you should look forward to this particular brand of thedata card.

Price: The price for this particular data card is INR 1360.

4. Micromax

Micromax is an Indian brand which has been quite successful and it’s a short period of operations in India. Micromax has been providing good quality services with extremely good products in the Indian market for affordable prices. Micromax has also been the leading example in the Indian consumer market when it comes to customer service and high-quality product delivery. Data card from Micromax is highly durable and compact.

Price: The price for Micromax data card starts from INR 1350.

3. Vodafone

Vodafone has been in the telecommunications services after the liberalisation of the Indian economy. Vodafone had been extremely aggressive in the beginning of its operations in India and proved to be extremely good mind came to services and customer satisfaction. Vodafone with collaboration to other manufacturing companies has been able to offer great data card devices in the Indian market for affordable prices.

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Price: The price for Vodafone data card starts from INR 3500.

2. Reliance (Jio)

Reliance (Jio) is another famous maker of data cards. Reliance in collaboration with many foreign firms has been able to bring up the level of Technology in telecommunication in India. If you are looking for the highly affordable and yet Technologically enabled data card devices. The data card from this particular brand is also highly customizable when it comes to its data packages.

Price: The price for this particular brand of data card can be yours from INR 3200.

2. Airtel 4G

Airtel is the highest selling data card provider in India and also scores highly on the customer satisfaction ratings. Airtel provides premium services for anaffordable range of prices. The product and services of Airtel are top notch and you simply cannot go wrong with this brand. The data card provided by Airtel is highly compact and it’s really good when it comes to signal strength.

Price: The price for Airtel 4g data card starts from INR 3500.

The above-mentioned brands of data cards are all good in their own department. You have to make the final choice from the list given above. Which one will you choose?