Top 10 Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands with Price in India 2017

With the increased effect of global warming and enhanced humidity in India’s climate, the necessity of air conditioners becomes more pertinent. The coming summer is provoking us to select the best air conditioner brands in India according to few parameters such as energy efficiency, low price, and electricity consumption. Till date, 5-star split AC is the best selling energy saving model, but the rate is little bit high.

An average model of window or split AC is capable of throwing alternate air up to 15 feet which is enough to change the humidity of the climate to a comfy weather inside your room. Nonetheless, few specially designed unit of split AC can throw air up to 30 feet and known for better cooling. Based on the price and additional features such as EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio), fragrance emission and environment-friendliness.

About the Air Conditioner Market in India

The top best AC brands in India in terms of popularity are Voltas, Daikin, Samsung, LG, Videocon, Whirlpool, O General, Blue Star and Hitachi. Most of the Air Conditioners introduced by these companies are known for advanced EER, quick cooling, noiseless functioning and longevity of compressor and condenser.

Voltas AC top the chart as far as market 2017 popularity is concerned. They are known for their sleek contemporary designs, energy efficiency and high cooling capacities. Samsung and Daikin are also among the top AC brands in India. Counted among the most reliable and trusted air conditioning brands in India, these two electronic product manufacturing companies are best-known for selling superior quality air conditioners at absolutely competitive rates. The top 10 air conditioner brands in India 2017 are listed below.

10. O General

O General Air Conditioner

Founded in 2000, O General is a joint venture of the Japanese Fujitsu General and Dubai based ETA-ASCON STAR. It has been lauded with a five-star rating by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. It offers efficient models and smart AC units which are known for excellent cooling and superior performance. The list of ACs, manufactured by O General consists of window AC, Split cooling AC, hot & Cold Split AC, Inverter Split AC, Inverter hot and cold AC, Cassettes Cooling AC, Compact Cassette Hot & Cold AC, Large Cassette Hot & Cold AC, Inverter Cassette Hot & Cold AC, VRF and Ductable. O General Air-Conditioners’ cost around Rupees 25,000 to 60,000.

Most sought after models offered by the brand O General in India are ASGA09BMTA – 0.75 Ton, ASGA12BMTA – 1.0 Ton, ASGA18FMTA – 1.5 Ton, ASGA18FTTA – 1.5 Ton, Inverter AC ASGG12JLCA AC – 1 Ton, ASGA18AET Split AC – 1.5 Ton, ASGA24JCC Split AC – 2.0 Ton. Among these models, the best figure and popular items are described with their key features and technical specifications.

The high-quality features of leading AC models by O General brands are as –

  • O General AC Price in India : 25000 to 60000 INR
  • 3D cooling and Inverter saving
  • 4-way Air flow direction
  • Temperature control and Environment friendly
  • Installed with quiet Mode
  • Sleep mode and powerful fan mode
  • Swing flaps and 3D automatic double swing
  • Power coated outdoor unit

9. Whirlpool

Whirlpool Air Conditioner

With its advent of marketing in India in 1987, this Michigan-based international brand has made its mark in the home appliance market. Built with turbo cooling latest technology, Whirlpool Air-Conditioners ensure high-performance delivery. A little on the higher side of the scale, these range from Rupees 32,000–55,000 and popular Whirlpool AC models include FANTASIA INV (1.5 T), FANTASIA INV (1 T), 3D COOL DLX III (2 T) 3 Star, 3D COOL PLT V (1.5 T) 5 Star.

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The high-quality features of leading AC models by Whirlpool brands are as –

  • Whirlpool AC Price in India : 32000 to 55000 INR
  • Hot & Cold Both
  • Auto Cleaning
  • Auto air swing
  • Auto Restart
  • Timer, etc.

8. Hitachi

Hitachi Air Conditioner

Proud of its quality products, Hitachi from Tokyo, Japan, was founded in 1920. It produces both split and windows AC that are energy efficient and have features like auto climate technology, silent cooling features, and anti-bacterial koukin filter. The AC units are designed with state of art technology to make them appropriate for fluctuating weather condition. The prices range extends between Rupees 25,000–70,000. The popular Hitachi models are Zunoh 300f, Zunoh 200f, Kaze Neo, Kashikoi 400i, Hitachi RAU318HTDD Kampa Plus, RAU518HTD Ace CO, RAU318HTD Kaze Plus.

The high-quality features of leading AC models by Hitachi brands are as –

  • Hitachi AC Price in India : 25000 to 70000 INR
  • Air Swing and Anti Fungus Filter
  • Auto Restart and Auto power saving mode
  • Fan speed is selectable
  • on/off timer with advance start-up
  • Filter Clean indicator
  • Koukin filter mode, etc.
  • LCD wireless Remote

7. Blue Star

Blue Star Air Conditioner

Dating back to 1943, when this brand was launched, Blue Star reconditioned fridges and Air-Conditioners. The oldest appliance label in India, this company grew to what it is today offering affordable Air-Conditioners starting at Rupees 22,000 to high-end ones priced at Rupees 1, 00,000 Rs. You can locate the ACs of this brand everywhere like the Malls, ITES buildings, offices, banks, cinema multiplexes, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, Government sectors, restaurants etc. It is the largest air conditioning company in India with the huge turnover of Rs 2800 crores per annum.

Some of the most popular Blue Star AC models are mentioned below are CNHW09CAF 0.75 Ton Split AC, 5HW12SC 1 Ton Split AC, 5HW18SB 1.5 Ton Split AC, 3HW18VB1- 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC, 5HW18SA1- 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC, 5HW18ZCW1 Split Pearl 1.5 Ton 5 Star White AC.

The high-quality features of leading AC models by Blue Star brands are as –

  • Blue Star AC Price in India : 22000 to 1 lakh INR
  • Hydrophilic Blue Fins Evaporator
  • Auto Restart with Memory Backup
  • Air Flow Direction Control
  • Turbo Cooling, Anti-Freeze Thermostat
  • 4 Fan Speed with Sleep Mode
  • Vitamin C filter and Silver Ion Filter
  • Anti-Acarien filter and Anti-Bacterian filter and Dust filter

6. Videocon

Videocon Air Conditioner

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Mumbai, this Indian multinational has left an indelible mark in consumer’s demand with the production of a wide range of high-performance appliances like televisions, refrigerators, Air-Conditioners, and washing machines. Videocon is one of the leading providers of AC manufacturers in India and is popular for producing diverse range of AC models. The products can enhance your lifestyle to a certain comfy level. The company has been launched the first Wi-Fi AC of India very recently.

The available patterns of Videocon AC in the market are such as Penta Inverter AC, Aryabot AC, Split Ac, Hot & Cold AC. The price ranges of Videocon Air-Conditioners extend between Rupees 20,000-68,000. The sought after best Videocon AC models are VSQ55.DT3-MUA, VSA55.RW1-MAA, VSA55.WW1-MAA, VSD55 WV1-MDA, VSN55-W1-MDA, VSN55-WV2-MDA, VSz55.RV1 – MDA.

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The high-quality features of leading AC models by Videocon brands are as –

  • Videocon AC Price in India : 20000 to 68000 INR
  • Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal
  • Air Swing and Auto Restart
  • Turbo Cooling
  • 4 way direction Air Flow
  • Digital Display
  • Thermistor Temperature Control and Electronic operational Control
  • Dehumidification

5. Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi AC Brands

Mitsubishi provides high-quality and heavy electric products. In India, this brand is famous for manufacturing air conditioning solutions both split and windows AC. The models are being designed with state of art technology along with the features of silent cooling, climate technology, intelligent technology and many more. The manufactured air conditioners by this brand are energy efficient and versatile in range. Enjoy the coming summer with these specially designed AC that can alter the air temperature and humidity instantly.

Price of this brand AC ranges from 32000 Rs to 60000 Rs. The available models of this brand are Mitsubishi MS-GK18VA cooling split AC, Mitsubishi MS GK13VA 1 Ton 5 Star Split AC, Mitsubishi MSY-GE18VA Inverter Cooling Split AC.

The high-quality features of leading AC models by Mitsubishi brands are as –

  • Mitsubishi AC Price in India : 20000 to 50000 INR
  • Auto mode and On/off timer
  • Anti bacteria filter and Air swing
  • Thermostat temperature control
  • Electronic operation control
  • Easily detachable panel
  • High-efficient DC motor
  • LED panel display
  • 1450 power consumption

4. LG

LG Air Conditioner

Well, their slogan “Life’s Good” is truly what they live up to. The South Korean brand offers a wide range of consumer appliances. High-performance, smart cooling and good service are what sets this brand apart. LG produces three different types of ACs such as residential AC, light commercial AC and Multi V AC. Residential AC includes Window AC, Split AC and floor standing AC. On the other hand, light commercial AC includes all highlander series like Cassette AC, Highlander Standing Ac, Ceiling concealed duct Ac and likewise. The last category of Multi V AC presents Multi V IV AC, Multi V IV Water AC, and Multi V IV S Ac.

With Air-Conditioners ranging from Rupees 18000 to 78000, one has a plethora of options and can select by the budget factors. The BSA18IMA, BS-Q186C8A4, BSA12IMA, L-Nova Plus- LSA3NP5F, etc. are to mention a few, are popular AC options from LG.

The high-quality features of leading AC models by LG brands are as –

  • LG AC Price in India : 18000 to 78000 INR
  • Cooling like Himalaya and Jet cool
  • Monsoon Comfort at home
  • Anti & Auto Cleaning, Allergy filter, Triple filter
  • Dual protection and Fuzzy logic
  • Auto air swing (left-right) and (up-down)
  • Selectable swing and Rotary compressor
  • Night glow buttons

3. Daikin

Daikin Air Conditioner

With affordable Air-Conditioners starting from Rupees 18000, up to Rupees 50000, the Japanese AC brand, over a hundred years old, has taken the market by storm. This speaks volumes of Daikin’s success in the world market. Daikin’s top air conditioning units are suitable for any extreme weather, from burning hot to chilling cold. If you install this brand product of AC inside your room of office, you will feel the ultimate comfort without a single drop of sweat.

AC models from Daikin that are popularly sold are the FTXR Series, FTXG Series, DTKM Series and ATKM Series.

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The high-quality features of leading AC models by Daikin brands are as –

  • Daikin AC Price in India : 18000 to 50000 INR
  • 3D Cooling and Economic Mode
  • 4 Way- Titanium apatite photo catalytic air purifying filter
  • Auto fan mode and Auto restart
  • Hermetically sealed swing type, etc.
  • Night set mode and Smart-intelligent eye
  • Inverter power operation
  • Wireless remote control
  • Rotary type compressor (coated hermetically)

2. Samsung 

Samsung Air Conditioner

Samsung is deepening its roots in the country day by day. With a pricing between Rupees 20000-70000, this South Korean company offers air conditioners most popularly sought after in India. Samsung manufactures Spilt type Ac and floor standing air conditioning products that are well admired by the customers in India. Samsung air conditioners are compatible for air cooling solution even in the condition of H1N1 prevention. These versatile AC units host various modern features such as Dehumidification, Multijet technology, Anti-virus coating, Allergy coating and lots more.

This brand is renowned for their features Triangle Inverter AC, AR18JV5DAWKNNA 1.5 TR, AR18JC5HATPNNA, AR18FC5TAPD 1.5 Ton, AR12FC5EFBH 1 Ton, Samsung Crystal AR18FC5EFBH 1.5 Ton, which are some of the most desired Samsung AC models.

The high-quality features of leading AC models by Samsung brands are as –

  • Samsung AC Price in India: 20000 to 70000 INR
  • Anti bacteria filter and Dehumidifying
  • Auto Clean
  • Digital panel for temperature display
  • Optimal Single Blade for Better Air Flow
  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Colored panel IDU design
  • Tropicalized Compressor with 54 degree working
  • Optimal single blade

1. Voltas

Voltas Air Conditioner

Manufactured by Voltas Limited, a subsidiary under the Tata Group, the Voltas Air-Conditioners are a hot favorite amongst Indians. With high durability and efficient performance, these air conditioners are rising in popularity by the day. The list of manufactured items by Voltas includes window AC, Split AC, Cassette AC models within the affordable range. This brand is quiet popular in this country due to its product variety in Split AC model such as Classic, executive, Delux, Zenith and Magna. Be ready to purchase the best Voltas AC machine to defeat the forthcoming summer.

Voltas’ products range between Rupees 25000 to 55000. The Voltas All Weather AC, Voltas Zenith- 5 Star (Ya Series), Voltas Jade- 5 Star (Y Series), Voltas Classic- 5 Star (Y Series), Executive – 5 Star (Y Series), Delux – 5 Star (Y Series) etc. are some of the most popular Voltas AC models.

The high-quality features of leading AC models by Voltas brands are as –

  • Voltas AC Price in India : 25000 to 55000 INR
  • Hydrophilic Aluminum fin
  • Anti-Dust Filter and Acaro Bacterium Filter
  • Air vent with cross flow
  • LED display on indoor units
  • LCD remote and timer
  • Sleep and Turbo button, swing slabs
  • Active Carbon & Swing Mode

So clearly, we have made the selection easy; go ahead and give a beautiful surprise to your family by bringing them a new and cost effective AC. They would love it. Happy Chilling 🙂

List of Best Air Conditioner (AC) Brands in India 2017

S.No AC Brands Name Price Range
1 Voltas 25000 to 55000
2 Samsung 20000 to 70000
3 Daikin 18000 to 50000
4 LG 18000 to 78000
5 Mitsubishi 20000 to 50000
6 Videocon 20000 to 68000
7 Blue Star 22000 to 1 lakh
8 Hitachi 25000 to 70000
9 Whirlpool 32000 to 55000
10 O General 25000 to 60000


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