Top 10 Best Air Coolers Brands with Prices in India 2021

Come summers, air coolers are the best buddies of middle class families which cannot afford the Air Conditions and their heavy deals. Therefore, if you too have a low budget and still want chill, then these top-10 air coolers are must to consider.

So, dwell in the list, see the top-10 air coolers, and choose your product. Have a happy buying.

10. Ram Air Cooler

Ram Air Cooler

Ram coolers are the best-selling brands in India, offering the high-quality coolers in steel body. The coolers by this brandare made up of galvanised steel, fitted with quality electrical component giving faster cooling and long lasting durability. Initially, the company has many products in the list within affordable price range of Rs. 4000/- to Rs. 10000/- and even are good to go in 45 degrees temperature.

Other features: Portable design, sleek look, variable speed control, child protection mesh, noiseless performance, movable wheels, remote control, cooling pads

Best products: Ram Coolers Cute 123, Ram Coolers Smart 160, Ram Coolers Smart 160

9. Maharaja Whiteline Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline Air Cooler

Maharaja Whiteline is another leading brand whose air coolers can be seen in every second family who have a budget of Rs. 7000/- and above. The coolers are stylish with a capacity ranging from 22 litres to 65 litres, providing deeper and quick cooling.

Other feature: Compact design, Water Level indicator, Wood cooling pads, Honeycomb cooling pads

Best products: Maharaja Whiteline Window Cooler Arrow+ (CO-100), Maharaja Whiteline Personal Cooler Slim+, Maharaja Whiteline Personal Cooler Thunder+

8. Voltas Air Cooler

Voltas Air Cooler

This TATA Enterprises brand is the leading brand in India and a number eight contender in our list. Well, this brand name no recognition and it is quite a choice of Indian families with its ACs and almost 9700+ dealers spread across the nation. It has been over six decade since this company is serving the household need of cozy and chilling summers even in a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. The price starts from Rs. 7000/onwards.

Other features: Air coolers with varieties like desert coolers, Window coolers, personal coolers, etc., noiseless cooling, window and wall coolers

Best products: Voltas VN-D50M, Voltas 50 Ltr VN-D50M Desert Cooler, Voltas VA-D70M, Voltas 18 Ltr Va-p18m Personal Cooler

7. McCoy Air Cooler

McCoy Air Cooler

Although famous for its kitchen and home appliance, yet the brand is also a leading manufacturer of air coolers with leading technologies. In fact, when it is about the budget, then the brand is the mist budgeted manufacturer of air coolers in India with a starting price of Rs. 5000/-.

Other features: 100% rustproof ABS body, Larger tank capacity, three speed blower system, double layer honey comb pads, moving wheels, larger ice chambers

Best products: McCoy 45 Litres Colonel Air Cooler, McCoy 34 Litres Major Air Cooler, McCoy 50 Litres Commando Air

6. Kenstar Air Cooler

Kenstar Air Cooler

Do this brand on number six needs more introduction, well, I guess no. therefore, without telling much, I would say close deal as the budget is also very friendly, yes only for Rs. 5000/- and above. Still for a quick pick, see the other features and bestselling products.

Other features: Corrosion free coolers, Caster wheels, Tri-speed air flow, 3-speed control, Swing, Remote (choice)

Best products: Kenstar Little Cooler DX CP 0118H, Kenstar Cyclone Super CD 2012, KenstarTurbocool DX 9704C, KenstarClimatizer Classic

5. Khaitan Air Cooler

Khaitan Air Cooler

Khaitan is the brand serving Indian families since the days of table and ceiling fans, so the relationship is old and quite string, which is even strengthened by the 7 types of air coolers that this brand provides starting from Rs 6000/-. Hence, without any second choice, you can prefer the company’s products.

Other features: Double blower, Auto fill tank, noiseless cycle, Castor wheel for the mobility, 4-ways air deflection, inverter compatibility, 1-year warranty

Best products: Khaitan Hit-Bit 30 Cooler, KhaitanDezire 60, Khaitan Iceberg 20 Cooler, Khaitan Hi chill 50

4. Crompton Greaves Air Cooler

Crompton Greaves Air Cooler

While you any sleek and stylish air cooler, then no doubt it could be from this brand on number four- Crompton Greaves. Well, it may seem exaggerated, but it is not and you will even admit this, if you will buy the one from this brand. The best buy starts from Rs. 6000/-.

Other features: 9-inch Fan, Faster cooling, Corrosion Free ABS fan, High capacity of tank, and Longer cooling

Best products: Crompton Greaves WAC-401, Crompton Greaves DAC-552, Crompton Greaves DAC-651, Crompton Greaves DAC-452

3. Symphony Air Cooler

Symphony Air Cooler

Position 3 is hold by none other the Symphony that is the synonym of affordability and budget-oriented air coolers. This is the reason why this brand is holding number three position. This company has products worldwide; hence, no matter where you are sitting in the globe, you have the reach within a starting price of Rs. 5000/-.

Other features: Indoor and outdoor coolers, Plastic body for domestic purpose, heavy duty metal body for commercial purpose, Environment friendly, andCarbo reduction technology

Best products:Symphony DiET 8i, Symphony DiET 50i, Symphony Storm 100i, Symphony HiCool Smart, Symphony Storm 70i

2. Usha Air Cooler

Usha Air Cooler

If you have your kitchen appliances from this brand, then no doubt you know that the brand is also a leading manufacturer of air coolers. See, I told you that….well, claiming the number two, this brand needs no recognition. So, let me take you to the features, which are starting at a minimal price range of Rs. 5000/-.

Other features: Different types of models, Honeycomb cooling, Compact design, Up to 55 litres water capacity, and Water level indicator

Best products: Usha Honeywell CL 15AM, Usha Honeywell CL 30XC, Usha Honeywell CL 601PM, Usha Honeywell CL48PM

1. Bajaj Air Cooler

Bajaj Air Cooler

If summers are there, the air coolers of Bajaj are mandatory at home. Well, this is not my verdict, but most of the Indian families say so…In fact, why not- Bajaj is incredibly an oldest serving company in home and kitchen appliances. Need not to say more, the brand comes within budget with a starting price of Rs. 5000/- only.

Other features: Compact design, Up to 41 litres water capacity, Blower control system, 2-speed, 3-speed, and 5-speed systems

Best products: Bajaj TT 2011, Bajaj PC 2014 Glacier, Bajaj PC 2000 DLX, Bajaj PC 2005