Top 10 Best Alcohol Brands with Price in India 2021

India is one of the most highly populated countries in the world. People here from different cultures and religions live together and enjoy festivals together. India is truly an example of an amalgamation of varied people with different mindsets and opinions. Alcohol is common for the majority. Indians love consuming alcohol and that is clearly seen in the sales figure of India. This has made many imported alcohol brands coming to India and hence you may get any top liquor in India easily at good prices!

Following is the list of most liked and preferred alcohol brands in India:

10. Imperial Blue

Imperial Blue Whiskey

Indeed it is the best whiskey brand in India. Majority loves its taste and richness in texture and hence it is among the top seller ranking. This whiskey comes in a variety of flavors for its fans. It is easily available in alcohol stores within budget. Imperial Blue is a whiskey from Seagram Company!

Price: 548 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

9. Bagpiper

Bagpiper Whiskey

It is a popular whiskey brand among Indians also due to its television promotion of soda water. It has the strongest taste among whiskeys with an unbeatable aroma. This whiskey comes from the house of United Breweries Limited and Bagpiper is among the budget friendly whiskey brands and is readily available when needed. India has good distribution network setup for Bagpiper.

Price: 306 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

8. Tequila El Agave Blanco

Tequila El Agave Blanco Tequila

Tequila shots are the life of all parties and when it is this brand, it means class blended with tequila. A very smooth and clear texture makes this label very popular among all fans. Again, it has good sales majorly because it is the best option in tequila at affordable rates.

Price: 2000 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

7. Royal Stag

Royal Stag

Whiskey is the highest loving alcohol among Indians and Royal Stag celebrates the success of maximum consumption in that ratio. The French company Pernod Richard very proudly celebrates its success in India. It is a very rich whiskey, can be termed as Hard whiskey. It is a highly popular brand and available at nominal prices.

Price: 714 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

6. Old Port

Old Port

Rum is the essence in all officer parties and gatherings. Moreover, premises are loved by youth and are on huge sales in India. The unique taste, which Old port possesses, makes it a tasteful choice for all liquor fans. However, the Indian brand Amrut Distilleries celebrates its popularity in Rum category in India and has great future plans for added flavors and variety for Indians.

Price: 1650 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

5. Old Monk

Old Monk

Again a Rum lover cannot afford to miss Old Monk. One should just try this liquor as then he might get into its addiction every time he decides to drink. It is one of the ancient and still authentic tastes having Rum. Mohan Meakin Ltd is its producer in India and makes it a point to make it available for all Indians at very affordable prices. It proves “Old is Gold”.

Price: 550 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

4. Officer’s Choice

Officer’s Choice Whiskey

This is the most preferred brand in Whiskey category. In fact, there is hardly any better affordable whiskey in India, which is having this great combination of taste and texture along with pocket-friendly pricing. Allied Blenders & Distillers owns the Officer’s Choice production of India.

Price: 230 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

3. Bacardi

Bacardi Rum

When you define the term “premium,” it means Bacardi. One of the most loved Rum among all Indians, particularly youth. Its taste is great and seems to have aged properly. However, it is priced nicely and is on a bit costlier side. It is a good old brand in liquor industry with good heritage values and trust development among all Indian liquor consumers.

Price: Bacardi Apple Rum – 1100 INR (for 750 ml bottle)    

2. Kingfisher


Who doesn’t know Kingfisher? It is most talked about brand, and Mr. Mallya is the most talked about businessman in the news these days. However, whatever the story is, Kingfisher is the leader of all Beer Labels, and there is no competition to it till far. They are best in class with high standards of production and rich aroma makes this beer loved by all. Also, Kingfisher has made its place among all Indians from young to old by publishing the brand on a large scale. Kingfisher wins the battle by being the highest beer seller in India.

 Price: 495 INR (for 750 ml bottle)

1. McDowells


This brand defines being No 1. In fact, the brand promotes itself as being the number one brand of liquor in India. It comes in Rum, Whiskey, Brandy, etc. Due to its leading sales in almost all categories, a large share of liquor sales credit goes to Mc Dowells. They come in variant flavors as well and the products are priced affordably to connect to the masses. Every year, this company breaks its last year sales record and hence Mc Dowells is on the top as always!

Price: 478 INR (for 750 ml bottle)