Top 10 Best Amplifier with Prices to Buy Online in India

Numerous power amplifiers are available in the market with outstanding features and audio setup for home theatre system. Consumers should select an item of power amplifier wisely according to the IEC power rating, headroom capacity and relevant Ohm level for efficient performance. The top 10 amplifiers along with price in India are enlisted below in order to help the customers to purchase the best product.

10. Peavey CS4080

Peavey CS4080

Peavey CS4080 is one of the best amplifiers that are available in the market. It is well versed device that is prefered by the musicians for its excellent service and superb efficiency. This system can provide 4,080 watts maximum in the operation of bridged mono speakers. Moreover, it is capable of producing stereo or mono output, which makes it most convenient for DJ use. It is featured with anti thermal build up system and suitable for band application. The model is priced at Rs. 45,300 only.

9. Crown XLS 5000

Crown XLS 5000

Crown XLS 5000 is among the best choice of music industry as power amplifiers that is affordable in comparison with others. The device provides 2500 watts/channel for 2 Ohm speakers, 1,110 watts/channel for 8 Ohm speakers, 1,800 watts/channel for 4 Ohm speakers, and 3,600 watts/channel for 8 Ohm mono bridged speaker. It comprises of XLR inputs, forced air fans, detented controls and many more. The model is priced at Rs. 40,000 only.

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8. Yamaha P7000S

Yamaha P7000S

Yamaha P7000S is a dual channel power amplifier that is packed with phono plug, neutrik speakon, five way outputs, XLR inputs, and ¼  TRS technology. The system provides 950 watts/channel for 4 Ohm speakers, 1,900 watts/channel for 8 Ohm bridge speakers, and 1,900 watts/channel for 8 ohm speakers. Moreover, the model carries great EEEngine of high efficiency and adapts low and high pass filters with variable speed fan. The model is available in the market for Rs. 79,300 only.

7. QSC ISA 300 Ti

QSC ISA 300 Ti

QSC ISA 300 Ti is one of the most flexible items of power amplifier that is convenient for simultaneous amplifying along with small distributed system and for main audio system. It houses with a barrier strip in order to monitor the output mode. More importantly, the system can deliver 25 V, 70 V, or 100 V synchronously and can operate with low impedance output.  The model is available at the market rate of Rs. 32,860 only.

6. Crown XLS 602

Crown XLS 602

Crown XLS 602 is counted among one of the professional amplifiers and most reliable one. It has different working range such as 600 watts/channel for 4 Ohm speakers, 380 watts/channel for 8 Ohm speakers, and 1200 watts/channel for 8 Ohm especially for bridge mono speakers. The device is mounted with steel classics to withstand pressure as well as extreme shock, in any special case. The model is priced in the market at Rs. 40,000 only.

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5. AVA Ultravalve

AVA Ultravalve

AVA Ultravalve is one of the finest model of power amplifiers, which is available at minimum expense compared to other branded device. The model is well known for its superior quality  and highly clear sound. Apart from that, the model offers excellent bass lines, which in turn has a great impact on the sound quality. Moreover, it has the capacity to maximize the dynamic intensity of music and to recover the microdynamic nuances. The model is available in the market at Rs. 1,33,215 only.

4. Odyssey Audio Khartago

Odyssey Audio Khartago

Odyssey is one of the best power amplifiers in Indian market, which is well known because of its high resolution, deep soundstage, zero grain and for balanced sound. The working range of this product includes 2 x 110 watt for 8 Ohms and the frequency ranges from single to two of 400,000 Hz. The model consists of 4 internal fuses along with additional fuses, dual thickness anti- vibration PCB, and 22K Ohms of input impedance. This particular model is priced around Rs. 22,133 only.

3. QSC GX5 Stereo Power

QSC GX5 Stereo Power

QSC GX5 Stereo Amplifier is one of the products that has been a professional based item. It is used in music industry, which is designed with compatible power levels in order to adapt the real headroom of the speaker within the range of 4 to 8 Ohms. it comprises of XLR, ¼ TRS and phono input connectors. Furthermore, it is featured with speakon two pole or four pole or speakon combo ¼ (TS) plugs. Current market value of this model is Rs. 70,000 only.

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2. Behringer NU6000DSP

Behringer NU6000DSP

The specific model of Behringer NU6000DSP is one of the most demanding amplifiers in the market. As it is a high density amplifier that houses with DSP control, and USB interface. The item gives 2 x 3000 watts for 4 Ohms, 2 x 1500 watts for 8 Ohms. It is weighed with 12 lbs while the DSP part delivers good EQ, crossover, delay, and dynamic processing. It works on cool running process having the capacity to consume low power. The model is priced at Rs. 47,799 only.

1. Crown XLS2500

Crown XLS2500

The model of crown XLS2500 power amplifier is featured with three different Ohm levels per one channel and they are respectively 775 watts/channel at 4 Ohms bridge, 2,400 watts/channel at 4 Ohms, and 440 watts/channel at 8 ohms. RCA input for this amplifier is flexible to extend the device mere up to 11 bs. This specific power amplifier is a well versed model, which offers delicate performance and superb sound quality due to the integration of pureband crossover system. The model is available in the market at Rs. 60,375 only.