Top 10 Best Baby Diaper Brands in India 2021

Diapers are the most essential “Every day use” baby product that can never be skipped by any parents. This is because it is for one time use and can be easily disposed after using it. Also, you can just stay relaxed and tension free if your baby is with diaper.

There are two types of diapers available in the market such as disposable and cloth diapers. Disposable diapers are better than cloth diapers which make you free from cleaning and maintaining it. Also, they give a dry feeling for your baby while sleeping or travelling. Thus, diapers are the must buy products for your baby which makes him comfortable all time he is wearing that. But however, make sure to apply diaper rash cream every time you put him diaper.

In this connection, let us check top ten disposable diapers available in the market. Each diaper has its own unique features and secret ingredients. With the help of this article you will be able to pick up the right diaper for your baby.

10. Himalaya Baby Diaper

Himalaya Baby Diaper

Himalayas is a very famous baby products in India which sells variety of products such as Baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, baby powders, baby diapers and so on. Among them, Himalayas baby diapers are made up of ingredients such as Aloe vera, Yashada Bhasma that protects that baby’s skin from any microbial infection and any irritation.  Also, it has special anti-rash shield that prevents any diaper rashes that may occur due to frequent usage.

9. Mee Mee Baby Diaper

Mee-Mee Baby Diaper

Mee Mee diapers are new in market but have gained more popularity as soon as it entered for sale. Mee Mee Diapers are made up of cloth like breathable fabric that can absorb multiple wettings and contains ingredients such as Aloe vera and Vitamin E that keeps your baby’s skin healthy and fresh. It is made up of special leak proof technology which makes your baby so happy to crawl, walk, stand, roll around your room.

8. Fisher Price Baby Diaper

Fisher Price Baby Diaper

Fisher price diapers come with stretchable waist band that makes easy for the babies to wear it. It is made out of soft material without any fragrance added. Thus, it is soft, natural and hypo allergenic product when compared to other diapers. Also, the latest Fisher price Diapers feature animal graphics that may excite your baby.

7. Pigeon Baby Diaper

Pigeon Baby Diaper

It is made up of unique slim fit technology that greatly fits your baby and prevents from any leakage. It is made up of non woven fabric with easily breathable back sheets which helps in keeping the baby’s butt always dry. Also, it has an unique cool care system that allows fresh air circulation through the pores of the diapers.

6. Bella Baby Diaper

Bella Baby Diaper

Bella diapers claim that they are made up of special rash free system which means that these diapers would not cause any diaper rashes to your baby. Also, these diapers are chemical free, latex free, odour free along with quick and high absorption panels. These diapers are fast selling diapers in more than 60 countries around the world.

5. Johnson and Johnson Baby Diaper

Johnson and Johnson Baby Diaper

Johnson and Johnson products is one of the well known and leading producer of baby products in India. Along with several ranges of products such as Baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, it has recently added Baby diaper which has immediately gathered most of their attention towards it. These diapers are specially designed in such as way that it does give any skin irritation and rashes.

4. Libero Baby Diaper

Libero Baby Diaper

This is one of the fastest selling diaper brands in Indian market. This diaper is specialized in 3 dimensional leakage protection and made up of breathable fabric like material that can absorb more wetness all time. Also, they are skin friendly, long lasting diapers with comfortable elastic belt. The latest version called as “Dance collection” comes with graphic designs that make the diaper more attractive.

3. Mommy Poko Pants Baby Diaper

Mommy Poko Pants Baby Diaper

This diaper brand has surpassed many other leading diaper brands and has gained significant place in Indian market. As that of its name which sounds really unique and different, its diaper also comes with tender soft material with extra absorbing capacity, soft elastic with no tapes that may hurt your baby’s waist. It gives special protection to your baby’s legs through soft leg gathers which prevents leakage around the thighs.

2. Huggies Baby Diaper

Huggies Baby Diaper

Huggies is the leading diaper brand in India which has introduced several different diaper series such as Wonder pants, dry tapped diapers, over night diapers and so on. Moreover, it can also be said that Huggies is the first and foremost brand which created “Diaper fever” among Indian parents. These are skin friendly diapers and the first diaper brand to come with “Wetness indicator”. Other unique features that are meant only for Huggies diapers are “Umblical cord cut out”, “Disney designs” and “Gentle absorbing liner”.

1. Pampers Baby Diaper

Pampers Baby Diaper

The number one leading brand of Diapers in India is Pampers. The special thing about Pampers is it does not sag like other diapers. Also, the layers of the diapers contain Aloe vera which is a healing ingredient for the baby’s skin. Moreover, it guarantees full night protection with one Pampers.