Top 10 Best Baby Formula Brands in India 2021 with Price

You forget all your problems just the moment your cute little one smiles. Newborn babies are like bundles of joy, but they need proper care when it comes to feeding. Without a doubt, breastfeeding is the best option for their nutrition. But there are some baby formula products available in the market in case you are not able to provide enough supply of it. However, finding the right baby formula often gets confusing for parents.

You see a numerous variety of baby milk formula, whenever you go out to shop for your infant. Each brand comes with different ingredients, formulated for different age groups of babies. The formula that a brand comes with, supplies different kinds of essentials to the child. Hence, it is very important for you to understand all the essential ingredients and their health properties before selecting a baby formula for your little angel.

The ingredients that are used in a baby formula replicate breast milk. However, there is no formula, which exactly replicates human milk. Baby formulas provide adequate nutrition for babies. Generally, these formulas come with vitamins and minerals, and they are fed to babies with plain animal or soy milk.

Milk-based formulas are most famous in India. It is derived from cow’s milk and it proves to be suitable for most infants due to the available protein, fat, and carbohydrates that resemble mother’s breast milk. However, there are some people who choose soy milk based formulas for their kids. The Soymilk formula provides similar nutritional properties like milk formula, but does not contain animal proteins. Babies with lactose intolerance should be given soy milk formula.

Hence, here are top-10 best baby formula brands for your little ones.

10. Lactodex


Lactodex is a well-known baby formula brand in India. Their Lactodex 2 for infants above 6 months of age contains high nutrient content, which provides a healthy growth of your baby.

Price Range: 1 kg pack of Lactodex 1 and lactodex 2 cost around INR 700 each

9. Aptamil First

Aptamil First

Enriched with probiotics, anti-oxidants, nucleotides, and 2 LCPs, this trusted baby formula proves to be a perfect milk substitute for babies. Hence, babies who do not feel full after breastfeed should be given this formula for optimum nutrition.

Price Range: 900g pack of Aptamil first costs near about INR 3,250

8. Enfamil A+

Enfamil A+

The clinically recommended levels of DHA and ARA available in this formula help the brain development of a newborn child. This baby formula also contains dietary fibers like GOS and polydextrose along with whey proteins and casein. Hence, it becomes a necessary pick for the growth of your newborn.

Price Range: 400g pack of Enfamil A+ costs around INR 650

7. Nutrilon 1 Standard

Nutrilon 1 Standard

This famous baby formula brand is a combination of proteins, minerals, and vitamins, which makes it a wholesome diet for the babies. It also helps in brain development and makes bones stronger.

Price Range: 850g pack of Nutrilon 1 Standard costs approximately INR 3,250

6. SMA First Infant Formula

SMA First Infant Formula

This formula is recommended for infants who are not breastfed regularly. Loaded with Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids along with whey proteins, this specifically designed formula provides all the essential nutrients for infants. Its digestive properties and SMA help babies gain necessary weight.

Price Range: 900g pack of SMA costs around INR 2,800

5. Dexolac


Dexolac boosts both immune growth and brain development in babies. The course starts with Dexolac Premium 1 and then moves to Dexolac 2. The higher amount of lecithin and amino acids in Dexolac 2 ensures the improvement of the overall growth of the baby.

Price Range: 500g pack ofDexolac 1 costs around INR 330

4. NAN Pro 1

NAN Pro 1

The product is from the well-known company Nestle. This instant milk formula is a mix of immune-proteins, fatty acids, and pre-blend nutrients to promote better immunity and brain development in newborns.

Price Range: 400g pack of NAN Pro 1 costs around INR 515

3. WockhardtFarex 1

WockhardtFarex 1

Farex 1 is a good choice for early ages of your baby. This formula provides necessary vitamins, minerals, and proteins for the overall growth of your child. Try to continue mother’s milk with it too.

Price Range: 500g pack of WockhardtFarex 1 costs around INR 426

2. Similac Formula Stage 1

Similac Formula Stage 1

Rich contents of minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins make Similac a great baby formula option. Omega 3 fatty acids improve brain cell growth and providea stronger immune system.

Price Range: 400g pack of Similac Formula Stage 1 costs around INR 345

1. Nestle Lactogen

Nestle Lactogen

Nestle offers Lactogen, which is one of the best baby powders in India. The formula is spray dried and it is consistedof maltodextrin, whey protein along with other essentials. Doctors recommend Lactogen 1 for the kids up to 6 months. Other formulas like Lactogen 2 and Lactogen 3 are given to babies older than 6 months of age.

Price Range: 400g pack of Nestle Lactogen 1 costs around INR 290

So, these are the 10 best baby formula brands in India.