Top 10 Best Baby Products Brands in India 2021

Generally, a new born baby does not require a wardrobe full of baby products whatever available in the market. However, he does need some important and essential items right from the new born stage until he completes one year. Moreover, as a parent it is very important to understand that only best quality baby products are safe for your baby. So, along with its quality it is also essential to check its durability, comfort, attractiveness and safety.

Thus, in order to help today’s generation of parents here are the list of Top 10 baby product brands available in the market.

10. Biotique Baby Products

Biotique Baby Products

Biotique is a well known herbal product in India which makes adults herbal shampoos, herbal massage oil, sun cream, body cream and so on. This popular brand also makes baby products such as baby soaps, baby shampoo and body wash with 100% natural and herbal ingredients such as aloe vera, almonds, basil and so on.  It has introduced new ranges of products such as Disney baby boy and Disney baby girl ranges which consists of Bio Almond soap, massage oil, nourishing lotion, shampoo and powder.

9. Mother Care Baby Products

Mother Care Baby Products

Mother care baby products are known for its best quality and real care for your babies. They have introduced wide variety of feeding products for lactating moms, formula milk, toddler feeding ranges, bibs, disposable and reusable nappies, car seats, toilet training accessories, bath sets and so on. It has more than 50 years of experience in this field and runs quite successfully through several decades.

8. Farlin Baby Products

Farlin Baby Products

Farlin is again a very famous baby product that is mostly available in Indian online markets. They offer extensive products ranges such as slings and baby carriers, breast feeding equipments, diaper bags, strollers, car seats, potty training accessories and baby care products such as hair care and oral care.

7. Chicco Baby Products

Chicco Baby Products

Chicco obviously takes special care of your baby by offering several useful products such as boppy support pillow for feeding your baby, bath care accessories, diapers, mother bags, oral hygiene care, mosquito nets and so on. There are thousands of chicco showrooms worldwide. You can select the best nearby chicco shop to discover wide exciting ranges of baby products latest in the market.

6. Philips Baby Products

Philips Baby Products

Philips is already a well known electronic brand that is also equally successful in offering baby products for more than 30 years. The most selling baby products of Philips are Therma bag, 3 in 1 electric sterilizer and toddler ranges of cups and bottles. Other famous products are bottle warmers, soothers and baby monitors.

5. Johnson and Johnson Baby Products

Johnson and Johnson Baby Products

Having trust more than 120 years, Johnson and Johnson is a leading brand of baby products in the whole India. It has introduced wide ranges of products such as baby lotions, wipes, shampoos, massaging oils and diaper rash creams. Other products such as baby nappy pads, ear buds are the most selling product ranges of Johnson and Johnson.

4. Seba Made Baby Products

Seba Made Baby Products

This is a German based product which has been recently launched in Indian market. This product range promises to provide “Tears free” and “Soap free” formula for baby shampoos which is highly recommendable for young babies. Other products such as baby lip balm, diaper rash cream, bubble bath, cleansing bath, sun spray and sun lotion are popular in the Indian market.

3. Pigeon Baby Products

Pigeon Baby Products

This is another famous and well developing range of baby products in India. Its famous products are nipples and nursing bottles, diapers, shampoos and transparent bath soaps. It gives special importance to the baby grooming products such as baby nail cutters, nose cleaners, brush and comb.

2. Mee Mee Baby Products

Mee Mee Baby Products

This is a recent baby product range which is very successful in the Indian market. The special thing about Mee Mee is its exotic colors variations that may attract your infant. They offer extensive care in bathing series through its product called shampoo hat which will protect your baby’s eyes from shampoo water. Other famous products are carry nets, mosquito nets, height charts, baby laundry detergent, safety pins, comb sets and medicine dispensers.

1. Himalaya Baby Products

Himalaya Baby Products

Himalayas, is the number one leading baby product range in India. This product has become number one product because of its mild and soothing ingredients in every baby product it manufactures. Also, wide variety of ranges choices such as Honey and Milk baby soap, Neem and turmeric baby soap, Neem and watermelon baby soap and prickly heat baby powder make this into a leading product.