Top 10 Best Baby Soaps Brands in India 2021

Baby skin is so soft, delicate and sensitive that leads every product of baby to be manufactured with utter and maximum care. In accordance to that, Baby soap is a product which is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin and thus does not cause any rashes or irritation. It contains no harmful ingredients and highly helpful in moisturizing baby’s skin, his folds, his under arms and palms.

Being a responsible parent, you will be almost confused to choose among a huge list of baby soap brands available in the market. Thus, to educate you and help you in this regard, this article lists out the top ten best Baby soap brands in India 2021.

10. Bubchen Baby Soap

Bubchen Baby Soap

Most of the Indians might not be familiar with this brand but yet it is a very famous brand in Indian market. It is manufactured from German multinational company which sells its baby products over more than 40 countries across the world. Its soothing formula is generally made up of pure vegetable oil which acts so gentle and mild on baby’s skin. Available in the leading online stores such as, and so on.

9. Doy Care Baby Soap

Doy Care Baby Soap

An Indian soap manufactured by VVF.Ltd India that was founded on 1939. Comes in attractive shapes and sizes and made up of pure vegetable oil to moisturize the skin, shea butter to soften baby’s skin and milk cream to give a mild soothing fragrance the whole day.

8. Biotique Baby Soap

Biotique Baby Soap

It is a pure organic soap that is made up of 100% natural herbal ingredients. Manufactured in India, Biotique Almond oil baby soap is one of the highest selling soap brands in India. Enriched with almond oil, Vitamin E and coconut oil, nourishes baby’s skin deeply and cleanses it soothingly.

7. Farlin Transparent Baby Soap

Farlin Transparent Baby Soap

A Taiwan based company that was established on the year 1972 is still active and successful in producing baby products. Farlin transparent soap is enriched with honey and vegetable oil that cleanses baby’s skin so soothingly. It is one of the best transparent soaps available in the Indian market.

6. Libero Baby Soap

Libero Baby Soap

Libero brand is slowly getting successful in the Indian market through its latest commercials in the Indian televisions. Libero which has become very successful in launching different types of diaper pants is also successful in manufacturing Baby soaps. Baby sops made up of Vitamin E and glycerin gently washes the impurities and gives a fresh feel the whole day.

5. Chicco Baby Soap

Chicco Baby Soap

It is a very famous baby soap which is clinically tested and proved to be dermatological safe on baby’s skin. It is one of the best soaps in Indian market and also 100% safe to be applied on baby’s skin and face. Made up of glycerin and vitamin E, this soaps acts gentle on skin and moisturizes the whole body.

4. Sebamed Baby Soap

Sebamed Baby Soap

Sebamed soap is from German manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals that was launched on 1983.This soap has a balanced Ph around 5.5 which acts delicate and soft on baby’s skin. Also enriched with wheat germ oil, amino acids and vitamins,, sebamed soap is suitable for all types of baby’s skin such as sensitive, soft and dry skin.

3. Pigeon Baby Soap

Pigeon Baby Soap

It is a best soap from Pigeon Corp Japan and marketed by Pigeon India private limited. Made up of jojoba oil, this soap cures and heals diaper rashes and irritations on skin. Also, it helps in fighting rough and dry skin of baby.

2. Himalaya’s Baby Soap

Himalaya’s Baby Soap

Himalaya’s is a second largest selling baby soap brand in India. Made up of 100% pure natural ingredients, Himalayas fastly occupied the majority of Indian market. In a recent survey, sources say that it has even surpassed Johnson & Johnson Baby soap brand which is number one in Indian market. Himalayas soaps are available in different fragrance and ingredients such as aloe vera, almond oil, olive oil, milk cream, honey and vitamins.

1. Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap

Johnson & Johnson Baby Soap

As everyone knows, Johnson & Johnson is the number one baby soap in Indian market. Manufactured with Vitamin E and A, natural milk and coconut oil which acts best on delicate skin of baby and eliminates rashes, irritation and any impurities. It is available in three variants such as Johnson & Johnson Original soap, blossoms and milk soap.

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