Top 10 Best Barbeque and Grill Brands with Price in India 2021

Barbeque grilling is becoming popular in India. Barbeque is usually done outdoors by smoking the food over charcoal. Today, in fast life, people want to enjoy barbequing indoors too. That is why, many brands have launched electric barbeque grill. However, those who wants that stronger smoky flavors, there are numbers of charcoal base barbeque machines also available in the Indian market.

Charcoal Barbeque Grill Products

5. Atam Charcoal Grill (AEP-02)

Atam Charcoal Grill (AEP-02)

Atam charcoal grill is easily portable, foldable and easy to carry. It comes with four skewers. It is for outdoor use only. It comes with three burners. This is very light weight product with stainless steel body. Very sleek and minimal designed product  available at the lowest price : Rs. 700.

4. Portachef Charcoal Grill (GM0002 PRONTO SATE)

Portachef Charcoal Grill (GM0002 PRONTO SATE)

Portachef charcoal grill machine has the best feature is that it can be used indoors and outdoors as well. This portable grills come in different sizes and shapes with attractive designs and style. Comes with eight skewers and table top cooking net. Available in the market  at Rs. 1745.

3. Hotline Charcoal Grill (HL_SS_SMALL001)

Hotline Charcoal Grill (HL_SS_SMALL001)

Hotline is offering the charcoal grill machine with stainless steel body, suitable for smoking, grilling, roasting and tandoor. Best featured with wooden protection handle. Easy to clean,  just wipe with damp cloth after use. Available at Rs. 1685.

2. Fabrilla Stainless Steel Barbecue (ABESD1182)

Fabrilla Stainless Steel Barbecue (ABESD1182)

The Fabrilla is presenting potable charcoal barbeque machine is portable with stainless steel body, very durable, ideal  for outdoors, It s designed for easy storage and transport. Its spring carry handle allows to get easy handling. It has also a convenient adjustable height. These best features puts the product into second place. Best Price : Rs. 2550.

1. Prestige Coal Barbeque Grill (PPBB-02)

Prestige Coal Barbeque Grill (PPBB-02)

The Prestige Coal Barbeque Grill has a simple and sleek design, comes with a warming rack to keep food warm. It takes a very less time to assemble. The product is also equipped with an innovative air damper to allow to  regulate air flow. It also has a hood that delivers sumptuous flavors to the food  and  retain the heat of the machine. Very much convenient  for the kitchen. These best features gives a first position in the top 5 charcoal barbeque products. Comes at the best price of Rs. 1865.

Top Electric Barbeque Grill Products.

5. Skyline Electric Grill

Skyline Electric Grill

Skyline Electric Grill is lightweight with its plastic body. It is very safe to use with its safety feature of Micro Switch Lock. Other significant feature include indicator and automatic shut off. Suitable for both indoors and outdoors. Available at the cost of  Rs. 1545.

4. Clearline Electric Grill Tandoor (Vertical Rotisserie Grill)

Clearline Electric Grill Tandoor (Vertical Rotisserie Grill)

The compact and sleek Vertical Rotisserie Grill machine is suitable for home use. Its rotating stainless steel skewers ensure the food is evenly cooked. This ingenious external cover prevents food from drying out. It retains heat generated and preserves the moisture in food as well. A perfect barbequing vertical appliance is available at the cost of Rs. 1699.

3. Inalsa (Arizona Electric Barbeque Griller)

Inalsa (Arizona Electric Barbeque Griller)

Inalsa Arizona series in barbeque machine has very nice and simple design. It has nine automatic rotating skewers which are very convenient. Comes with detachable grill plate and crumb tray. It also has three temperature settings as per requirement. This perfectly designed product is on the third position. Best Price : Rs. 5355.

2. Baltra (Fiamma Electric Barbeque SEB-101)

Baltra (Fiamma Electric Barbeque SEB-101)

Baltra electric barbeque machine is a strong product equipped with high quality material.  It has a a very unique feature with grill’s adjustable height to get different amount of heat. The heating plate is given detachable, to clean it properly. It also comes with cool touch handle. This quality product is perfect for making chicken, kababs, vegs, fish. Available at the affordable price of Rs. 1850.

1. Abello (BB-6009 Electric Grill)

Abello (BB-6009 Electric Grill)

Abello is extremely popular brand in home appliances. The brand is now available in Indian market, with the famous product Abello BB-6009 Electric Grill. This unique horizontal product comes with six rotating skewers to cook the food evenly. It has a quartz heating tube in the middle. Additionally, the skewers can be removed and they are non sticky also. This brand offers this best featured product at the price of Rs. 4399.