Top 10 Best Bikes to Buy Under a Price of Rs. 40000 in India

For the average commuter, a two-wheeler is more of a sidekick than a regular means of conveyance. Hence, options at a low cost might be desired. Here is a list of the top 10 low expenditure bikes that lie in a price range below 40000 INR.

10. Genxt Power Evera

Genxt Power Evera

The budgetary bike Evera is an electric bike and is manufactured by the company Genxt Power India Ltd. The vehicle can attain a top speed of 40 km/h. It is a lightweight motorcycle weighing 65kg, is equipped with a lead acid battery, and has front and rear hand brakes. It is priced between Rs 30,000 to Rs 35,000 in the Indian market.

9. Kanda Motors Brave

Kanda Motors Brave

The Kanda Brave is a 125cc regular commuter motorcycle that offers a displacement of 125cc and has a fuel capacity of 12 liters. The engine generates a peak power of 6.6ps at the rate of 7000rpm and maximum torque of 8.5nm at the rate of 7500rpm. The vehicle attains a maximum speed of 82kmph. The market price of this bike is Rs 35,000.

8. Yamaha Alba

Yamaha Alba

The Yamaha Alba is a 106cc bike, which offers a peak power of 5 Bhp at the rate of 7500 rpm and peak torque of 7.8 Nm at the rate of 6000 rpm. It has a 4-speed gearbox and a fuel capacity of a whopping 13liters. The bike is valued at a starting price of Rs 39,400.

7. Yamaha Crux-S

Yamaha Crux-S

The Yamaha Crux-S is a successor of the Yamaha Crux-R and is available at a low cost. It offers a sufficiently good mileage of 60kmpl and it is powered by the original Crux’s 106cc engine that is four-stroke, air-cooled with a single cylinder. The engine generates a maximum power of 7.3 PS at 7,500 rpm and produces a maximum torque of 7.85 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The bike can attain top speed of up to 91kmph. The current price of the Yamaha Crux-S is Rs 39,667.

6. Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si

Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si

Infused with new and better technology of DTS-Si i.e. Digital Twin Spark Swirl Induction the New Platina 125 DTS-Si is powered by a 4-stroke 125cc engine, generating more power at 9 bhp and better torque of 11 nm at the rate of 5000 rpm. The non-debatably magnificent mileage of 111 kmpl makes it the most fuel-efficient engine in the nation. It is priced at Rs 39,800.

5. Suzuki Heat

Suzuki Heat

Suzuki Heat has a single cylinder, four-stroke engine that provides a displacement of 124cc and maximum power of 8.7 bhp at 7000rpm and max torque of 10Nm at 3500rpm.The advanced gearbox and the gearshift pedal ensure a seamless ride. The market price of the Suzuki Heat begins at Rs. 39,500.

4. Hero Honda CD Dawn

Hero Honda CD Dawn

The CD Dawn ensures a smooth ride even on the bumpy and potholed Indian roads. The engine offers a displacement of 97.2 cc and is air-cooled, 4-stroke OHC, single cylinder type. The Hero Honda CD Dawn gives a power output of 7.7 Ps at 8000 rpm and a peak torque of the 0.77 kg-m at 6000 rpm. It provides sufficient mileage of around 60 km per liter and the bike is priced at Rs 33,400.

3. Bajaj Platina 100

Bajaj Platina 100

The entry-level bike Bajaj Platina 100cc is a suitable option for the daily commute. It has a 100cc four-stroke, single cylinder engine offering a displacement of 99.27cc. The engine can reach a maximum power of 8.2bhp at 7500rpm and generate a maximum torque of 0.82kgm at 4500rpm. Platina is inspired from the Bajaj CT 100 and Bajaj Wind. The bike offers a decent mileage of around 60 kmpl and it is priced at approximately Rs 40,000.

2. TVS Star Sport

TVS Star Sport

Offering a displacement of 99.7cc, the TVS Star Sport is equipped with a 4 stroke, air cooled OHC engine, generating a power of 5 Bhp at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 7.5 Nm at 5000 rpm. The bike has a fuel capacity of 12 liters and attains a top speed of 85kmph. The mileage offered by the Star Sport is a fascinating and incredible at the rate 95kmpl. The bike is priced at Rs 36,880.

1. Bajaj CT 100

Bajaj CT 100

The Bajaj CT 100 is a 100cc bike that offers a displacement of 99.27cc and has a four stroke air-cooled, single cylinder engine. It has a fuel tank capacity of 10.5 liters and weighs 109 kg. The bike provides a mileage of 89kmpl and attains a top speed of 90km/hr. The pricing of the CT 100 begins from Rs 35,034.