Top 10 Best Blood Donation Organizations in India

Let’s face it. You can’t manufacture blood. Yet, every 2 seconds, an Indian needs blood, which might essentially save his life. From the perspective of the donor, blood donation has major health benefits. For those on the receiving end, it’s a matter of life and death. The lack of knowledge regarding the organizations where you can donate your precious blood often withheld everything and the blood crisis increases, every second, literally.

With this blog, I have assembled a list of top 10 elite blood donation organizations which you can have under consideration, next time you decide to donate.

Blood Donation Organizations in India

10. Save Life India Org.

Led by a volunteer team from Goa, Save Life India is a service project under the ‘Volunteer For a Better India’ initiative of the ‘Art of Living’ organization.

9. Hyderabad Blood Donors

The details of those in need of blood are continuously flashed on their website. Anyone with such needs can post it on their website and registered donors will come to your rescue. Be co-operative and align with their slogan ” Donate blood, gift a life”.

8. Kerala Blood Net

“Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something”, this is the motto of A dream and vision of Basil Vengola, their agenda is really simple, they want to make everyone a donor in order to fulfil every blood request.

7. Government of Maharashtra Blood Transfusion Council

Established as an autonomous body in 1996 as per the regulations of Supreme Court, the primary objective of this council is to provide safe and adequate blood at reasonable rates to over 100 millions residents of Maharashtra. Collection, testing and distribution of blood is carried out amongst the 250 licensed blood banks throughout Maharashtra.

6. Rotary Blood Bank

Established in 2002, Rotary Blood Bank is an ISO 9001:2008 certified blood bank. They aim at eliminating  blood shortages by organizing blood donation camps at education institutes, corporate offices and a variety of other gatherings. It is the country’s largest blood bank sophisticated with state of the art technologies and service. They are reliant on voluntary donors and dispenses blood to those in need without asking for replacement donation.

5. Indian Blood Donors

This organization has an IVRS and Mobile app helpline which puts the needy and donors on the same platform. With 9882 registered blood donors, there is always a fair chance that you will find a match. The needs of many are being fulfilled every with the effectiveness of this platform.

4. Sankalp India Foundation

Founded over a decade ago, Sankalp India Foundation is a Bangalore based NGO serving people throughout India.  It was the first blood donation organization which started helping patients worldwide with a rare blood group “Bombay Blood Group”, a.k.a hh blood group. For the commendable job they have been doing, twice have they been conferred upon with the prestigious  “Spirit of Humanity Award” by AmeriCares India.

3. Indian Red Cross Blood Bank – Indian Red Cross Society

One can witness branches of Indian Red Cross Blood Bank in each and every state of India. With their 700 branches across India, they are virtually at your doorstep. Spread across the entire globe, they are  doing a more than a decent job and saving lives.

2. Blood Connect

A youth led initiative, Blood Connect had its inception at IIT Delhi in 2010. What started as a  compassion of four students, led hundreds others to join them in their crusade of eradicating the blood shortage in the country. They organize blood donation camps frequently across four states in India. Meanwhile, they also encourage the youth population to donate blood and address the adversaries that arises from blood crisis.

1. Friends 2 Support

With over 1,50,000 registered voluntary blood donors, they have saved more than 2,00,000 lives so far, which is incredible. The continuous effort of making a world a better place by omitting the  blood crisis, hasn’t gone unnoticed by the world. The ministry of health department of government of India awarded them for their excellence in the field in 2015. Moreover, they also won the United Nations- Youth Summit award in 2013.